3 Letter Greek Names

Here you can easily browse through 3 letter Greek names. Names are presented alphabetically so scroll through them freely. By clicking on the name, you will be presented with more information about the name, such as its meaning, celebrities named with that name and also the name's origin.

# Name Gender Meaning
1 Ali Boy high, exalted
2 Efi Girl fruitful
3 Eva Girl life or animal
4 Evi Girl One who breathes and lives
5 Ion Boy -
6 Iro Boy -
7 Jim Boy Supplanter
8 Laz Boy A man from Laurentum, an ancient Italian city
9 Lia Girl languid or relaxed
10 Lou Girl famous warrior
11 Rea Girl flowing
12 Sia Girl One who is victorious, one who won
13 Zoe Girl life
14 Zoi Girl life

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