5 Letter Medieval Names

Here you can easily browse through 5 letter Medieval names. Names are presented alphabetically so scroll through them freely. By clicking on the name, you will be presented with more information about the name, such as its meaning, celebrities named with that name and also the name's origin.

# Name Gender Meaning
1 Aalis Girl A form of Alice, meaning noble.
2 Aldus / Unisex old one or elder
3 Aloys Boy famous warrior
4 Amice Girl friend
5 Baker / Unisex One who keeps the communal kitchen
6 Bigge / Unisex -
7 Blazh Boy good, blessed, happy
8 Bojan Boy battle
9 Borko Boy fight, battle
10 Borna / Unisex fight, battle
11 Boyko Boy battle
12 Bozho Boy A diminutive of Bozidar, meaning divine.
13 Damir Boy Provides peace
14 Dicun Boy -
15 Drago Boy precious
16 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
17 Elric Boy A wise and kind ruler; a King
18 Eudes Boy the name of a French saint.
19 Gidie Boy -
20 Gjord Boy -
21 Gjurd Boy God of peace
22 Gojko Boy grow, heal, foster, nurture
23 Gomes Boy man
24 Gosse Boy Goth
25 Hamon Boy House;name given during the Norman Conquest
26 Herry Boy -
27 Hudde Boy A form of Hugh, meaning heart, mind, spirit.
28 Iseut Girl Iron battle
29 Jehan Boy the world or God is gracious
30 Josse Boy Lord
31 Judoc Boy Lord
32 Lyuba Girl dear; graceful people
33 Malle Girl A desired, wished for child
34 Matty Girl mighty in battle
35 Meggy Girl pearl
36 Milan Boy gracious, dear
37 Milka Girl gracious, dear
38 Milko Boy gracious, dear
39 Miran Boy peace
40 Molle Girl A form of Mary, meaning bitter.
41 Nicol Boy people of victory
42 Payne / Unisex -
43 Piers Boy rock
44 Ranko Boy early
45 Ratko Boy war, battle
46 Rolfe / Unisex -
47 Royse Girl A noble-born rose girl
48 Sence Girl Saintly, holy
49 Slava / Unisex glory
50 Stace / Unisex resurrection
51 Sture Boy to be contrary
52 Suero Boy -
53 Temür Boy -
54 Tielo Boy People
55 Wilky Boy Short form of Wilkin.
56 Yrian Boy Farmer

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