6 Letter Breton Names

Here you can easily browse through 6 letter Breton names. Names are presented alphabetically so scroll through them freely. By clicking on the name, you will be presented with more information about the name, such as its meaning, celebrities named with that name and also the name's origin.

# Name Gender Meaning
1 Annaig Girl -
2 Annick Girl satisfaction
3 Arzhel Boy Bear prince
4 Deniel Boy A variant of Daniel, meaning God is my judge.
5 Elouan Boy light
6 Erwann Boy -
7 Gaëlle Girl Another name for Celtic people.
8 Katell Girl pure
9 Maëlle Girl A chief or a prince
10 Mikael Boy who resembles God?
11 Padrig Boy Patrician
12 Rozenn Girl rose
13 Tanguy Boy A warrior of fire
14 Yanick / Unisex God is gracious
15 Yannic / Unisex God is gracious
16 Yannig / Unisex -

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