7 Letter Biblical Names

Here you can easily browse through 7 letter Biblical names. Names are presented alphabetically so scroll through them freely. By clicking on the name, you will be presented with more information about the name, such as its meaning, celebrities named with that name and also the name's origin.

# Name Gender Meaning
1 Abaddon Boy ruin, destruction
2 Abigail Girl my father is joy
3 Abimael Boy Father sent from God
4 Abishag Girl my father strays
5 Abishai Boy my father is a gift
6 Abraham Boy father of many
7 Absalom Boy my father is peace
8 Agrippa / Unisex born feet first
9 Ahinoam Girl my brother is pleasant
10 Amariah Boy Yahweh has said
11 Amittai Boy my truth
12 Ananias Boy -
13 Asenath Girl devoted to the goddess Neith
14 Azariah Boy Yahweh has helped
15 Azaziah Boy Yahweh is strong
16 Basmath Girl -
17 Benaiah Boy Yahweh has built
18 Bernice Girl victory bringer
19 Bethuel Boy God destroys
20 Bithiah Girl daughter of Yahweh
21 Candace Girl queen mother
22 Claudia Girl lame
23 Cleopas Boy -
24 Damaris Girl calf, heifer, girl
25 Deborah Girl bee
26 Delaiah Boy Yahweh has drawn up
27 Delilah Girl delicate, weak, languishing
28 Eleazar Boy my God has helped
29 Elhanan Boy God is gracious
30 Eliakim Boy God rises
31 Eliezer Boy my God is help
32 Elishua Boy -
33 Elkanah Boy God has purchased
34 Ephraim Boy fruitful
35 Ephrath Girl fruitful place
36 Erastus Boy beloved
37 Ezekiel Boy God will strengthen
38 Gabriel Boy God is my strong man
39 Gershom Boy exile
40 Gershon Boy exile
41 Goliath Boy uncover, reveal
42 Haggith Girl festive
43 Havilah Boy to dance, to circle, to twist
44 Hizkiah Boy -
45 Hosanna Girl deliver us
46 Ichabod Boy no glory
47 Ishmael Boy God will hear
48 Ithamar Boy date palm island
49 Jahleel Boy God waits
50 Jahzeel Boy God will divide
51 Japheth Boy enlarged
52 Jedidah Girl beloved, friend
53 Jehoash Boy -
54 Jehoram Boy exalted by Yahweh
55 Jephtha Boy -
56 Jerusha Girl possession
57 Jezebel Girl where is the prince?
58 Johanan Boy God is gracious
59 Kandake Girl -
60 Keturah Girl incense
61 Lazarus Boy God is my help
62 Lebanah Boy white
63 Maachah / Unisex -
64 Mahalah Boy tender one
65 Malachi Boy my messenger
66 Matthan Boy A Lord's hope
67 Matthew Boy gift of Yahweh
68 Menahem Boy comforter
69 Meshach Boy who is what Aku is?
70 Micaiah / Unisex who is like Yahweh?
71 Micajah / Unisex who can be sum to God.
72 Michael Boy who is like God?
73 Obadiah Boy serving Yahweh
74 Othniel Boy lion of God
75 Phanuel Boy -
76 Phineas Boy oracle
77 Pontius Boy fifth
78 Raphael Boy God heals
79 Rebecca Girl join, tie, snare
80 Rebekah Girl to bind
81 Seraiah Boy Yahweh is ruler
82 Shamgar Boy sword
83 Solomon Boy peace
84 Stephen Boy crown, wreath
85 Susanna Girl lily
86 Tabitha Girl gazelle
87 Talitha Girl little girl
88 Timaeus Boy to honour
89 Timothy Boy honouring God
90 Zachary Boy the Lord recalled
91 Zebedee Boy gift of Jehovah
92 Zebulon Boy dwelling of honor
93 Zebulun Boy prince

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