8 Letter Biblical Names

Here you can easily browse through 8 letter Biblical names. Names are presented alphabetically so scroll through them freely. By clicking on the name, you will be presented with more information about the name, such as its meaning, celebrities named with that name and also the name's origin.

# Name Gender Meaning
1 Abednego Boy servant of Nebo
2 Abiathar Boy my father abounds
3 Achaicus Boy -
4 Adonijah Boy my lord is Yahweh
5 Adoniram Boy my lord is exalted
6 Alphaeus Boy changing
7 Asnappar Boy -
8 Athaliah / Unisex Yahweh is exalted
9 Barnabas Boy son of the prophet
10 Basemath Girl fragrance
11 Benjamin Boy son of the south
12 Caiaphas Boy -
13 Cleophas Boy vision of glory
14 Drusilla Girl dew or fruitful
15 Ebenezer Boy stone of help
16 Elioenai Boy my eyes look to God
17 Elisheba Girl One who provides salvation; a God
18 Elnathan Boy God has given
19 Emmanuel Boy God is with us
20 Epaphras Boy foamy
21 Eutychus Boy fortunate
22 Gamaliel Boy my reward is God
23 Gedaliah Boy Yahweh is great
24 Gemariah Boy Yahweh has completed
25 Habakkuk Boy embrace
26 Hadassah Girl myrtle tree
27 Hananiah Boy Yahweh is gracious
28 Hepzibah Girl my delight is in her
29 Herodias Girl to monitor or watch over
30 Herodion Boy -
31 Hezekiah Boy Yahweh strengthens
32 Immanuel Boy God is with us
33 Ishmerai Boy he guards
34 Issachar Boy man of hire
35 Jeconiah Boy Yahweh will establish
36 Jedidiah Boy beloved of Yahweh
37 Jephthah Boy he opens
38 Jeremiah Boy Yahweh will exalt
39 Jeremiel Boy -
40 Jeroboam Boy the people contend
41 Jochebed Girl Yahweh is glory
42 Jonathan Boy Yahweh has given
43 Josaphat Boy -
44 Kenaniah Boy Yahweh establishes
45 Mahalath Girl lyre
46 Manasseh Boy causing to forget
47 Manasses Boy -
48 Matthias Boy gift of God
49 Michaiah / Unisex A humble person, down to earth
50 Mordecai Boy servant of Marduk
51 Naphtali Boy my struggle, my strife
52 Nehemiah Boy Yahweh comforts
53 Nethanel Boy God has given
54 Onesimus Boy beneficial, profitable
55 Peninnah Girl precious stone, pearl
56 Philemon Boy affectionate
57 Philetus Boy beloved
58 Phinehas Boy Nubian
59 Rehoboam Boy he enlarges the people
60 Sapphira Girl sapphire
61 Shadrach Boy command of Aku
62 Shemaiah Boy heard by Yahweh
63 Shiphrah Girl beautiful
64 Silvanus Boy wood, forest
65 Susannah Girl lily
66 Syntyche Girl occurrence, event
67 Thaddeus Boy heart
68 Tryphena Girl softness, delicacy
69 Tryphosa Girl softness, delicacy
70 Zebadiah Boy Yahweh has bestowed
71 Zedekiah Boy justice of Yahweh
72 Zipporah Girl bird

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