8 Letter Medieval Names

Here you can easily browse through 8 letter Medieval names. Names are presented alphabetically so scroll through them freely. By clicking on the name, you will be presented with more information about the name, such as its meaning, celebrities named with that name and also the name's origin.

# Name Gender Meaning
1 Aloysius Boy famous warrior
2 Athanasi Boy -
3 Berislav Boy To take, to gather
4 Boguslav Boy God's glory
5 Boleslav Boy One who has the greater glory
6 Borislav Boy Battle glory.
7 Bozhidar Boy -
8 Bratomil Boy Gracious and dear brother
9 Bronimir Boy -
10 Cateline Girl pure
11 Chedomir Boy Peaceful child
12 Desislav Boy Finding glory or searching for glory.
13 Dobromil Boy Kind, gracious
14 Dragomir Boy One who likes to care about peace
15 Dragutin Boy precious
16 Dubravka Girl An oak grove.
17 Dubravko Boy oak grove
18 Estienne Boy a French word meaning star or crowned.
19 Fletcher / Unisex A maker (and seller) of arrows
20 Geoffroi Boy peace
21 Grigorii Boy Watchful, alert
22 Guiscard Boy Brave and hardy
23 Iudicael Boy -
24 Joscelin Boy a member of the German tribe, the Gauts
25 Khubilai Boy -
26 Krasimir Boy The Beautiful Peace
27 Kresimir Boy -
28 Liudevit Boy -
29 Lorencio Boy A form of Lawrence, meaning from Laurentum.
30 Lyubomir Boy -
31 Lyudmila Girl graceful people
32 Milodrag Boy He who is dear and precious
33 Milogost Boy Gracious and dear guest
34 Miloslav Boy Favor or glory
35 Miroslav Boy peaceful glory
36 Mstislav Boy vengeance and glory
37 Ninoslav Boy -
38 Radoslav Boy happy
39 Ratislav Boy -
40 Slavitsa Girl Glory
41 Slavomir Boy renowned glory
42 Sobeslav Boy Glory for oneself
43 Stanimir Boy One who became peaceful and glorious
44 Svetomir Boy -
45 Tikhomir Boy Quiet and peaceful world
46 Tomislav Boy -
47 Tsagadai Boy -
48 Veceslav Boy More glory
49 Vitilsav Boy -
50 Vladimir Boy renowned prince
51 Voitsekh Boy -
52 Vsevolod Boy All rule
53 Wischard Boy He who is wise, brave and hardy.
54 Yarognev Boy -
55 Yaropolk Boy -
56 Yaroslav Boy -
57 Zhelimir Boy To wish for peace
58 Zvonimir Boy The sound of peace.

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