American Names That Start With J

Find all the American names starting with J along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Jack Boy God is gracious
2 Jackie / Unisex God is gracious
3 Jacob Boy holder of the heel
4 Jacqueline Girl Supplanter
5 Jacquelyn Girl he who supplants
6 Jaime / Unisex He is a supplanter,
7 Jake Boy -
8 James Boy he who supplants
9 Jamie Girl he who supplants
10 Jan Girl God Is Gracious
11 Jana Girl God is gracious
12 Jane Girl God is gracious
13 Janelle Girl God is gracious
14 Janet Girl God is gracious
15 Janette Girl God is gracious
16 Janice Girl God is gracious
17 Janie Girl well-born, noble; God is gracious
18 Janine Girl God is gracious
19 Janis Girl God is gracious
20 Jared Boy descent
21 Jasmine Girl jasmine
22 Jason Boy healer
23 Javier Boy bright
24 Jay Boy blue crested bird
25 Jayne Girl God is gracious
26 Jean Girl God is gracious
27 Jeanette Girl God is gracious
28 Jeanne Girl God is gracious
29 Jeannette Girl God is gracious
30 Jeannie Girl God is gracious
31 Jeff Boy A short form of jefferson
32 Jeffery Boy peace
33 Jeffrey Boy Divinely peaceful
34 Jen Girl fair one; white and smooth, soft
35 Jenna Girl heaven
36 Jennie Girl fair one
37 Jennifer Girl fair one
38 Jenny Girl fair one
39 Jeremiah Boy Yahweh will exalt
40 Jeremy Boy Exalted by the Lord
41 Jeri Girl spear ruler
42 Jerome Boy sacred name
43 Jerry Boy -
44 Jesse Boy gift
45 Jessica Girl He sees
46 Jessie Girl He sees
47 Jesus Boy the Lord is salvation
48 Jill Girl child of the gods
49 Jillian Girl youthful
50 Jim Boy Supplanter
51 Jimmie Boy he who supplants
52 Jimmy Boy he who supplants
53 Jo Girl -
54 Joan Girl God is gracious
55 Joann Girl -
56 Joanna Girl God is gracious
57 Joanne Girl -
58 Jocelyn Girl a member of the German tribe, the Gauts
59 Jodi Girl -
60 Jodie Girl from Judea; Jewish
61 Jody Girl Jehovah increases
62 Joe Boy -
63 Joel Boy Yahweh is God
64 Joey Boy Jehovah increases
65 Johanna Girl God is gracious
66 John Boy Yahweh is gracious
67 Johnnie Boy God is gracious
68 Johnny Boy God is gracious
69 Jon Boy -
70 Jonathan Boy Yahweh has given
71 Joni Girl God is gracious
72 Jordan Boy down-flowing
73 Jorge Boy Farmer
74 Jose Boy -
75 Josefina Girl the Lord adds; Jehovah increases
76 Joseph Boy he will add
77 Josephine Girl Jehovah increases
78 Josh Boy Jehovah is salvation
79 Joshua Boy Yahweh is salvation
80 Josie Girl God increases
81 Joy Girl joy
82 Joyce Girl lord
83 Juan Boy God is gracious
84 Juana Girl God is gracious
85 Juanita Girl God is gracious
86 Judith Girl Jewish woman
87 Judy Girl praised
88 Julia Girl youthful or Jove's child
89 Julian Boy Jove's child
90 Julie Girl youthful or Jove's child
91 Julio Boy Jove's child
92 Julius Boy downy-bearded
93 June Girl young
94 Justin Boy just, upright, righteous

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