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About Bosmer


The Bosmer or wood elves are part of the Aldmeri Dominion. They share similar features to the Altmer (high elves) in their high intellect and magical capabilities.

The Bosmers are gifted archers known for their unmatched agility. They are often regarded as agile warriors who use longbows to fire multiple arrows at once to decimate enemies before they get close enough for hand-to-hand combat.

Bosmer Appearance

Their physical features resemble that of an elf but with shorter ears than the almari . Their skin is typically greenish-brown in color, while their hair is dark brown or black. Bosmers lived about two centuries but rarely showed signs of aging past thirty years old.


The Bosmer (meaning "wood-elves") are the various barbarian clans of the forest hunters or Aldmeri. They can be divided into three classes; Wood-elves, High elves, and Wild elves. Bosmer lives in isolated villages scattered across Valenwood (their homeland) and does not form large cities like their cousins, the Altmer (High Elves). However, they are quite creative, being highly talented craftsmen. But at its Bosmer have to deal with a disadvantage: high Bosmer is very light sensitive. So if you want to stay outside during the day Bosmer better wear something on his eyes to protect them from sunlight. And Bosmers love fruit so much that eat nothing else virtually all Bosmers except the rich Bosmers trade with outsiders.

Bosmer is blessed with keen senses, making them excellent hunters. They love to run and jump all day long through the forests of Valenwood. Bosmers also possess the ability to command simple-minded creatures, including some monsters.


The Bosmer live in clan houses (the same type as those of their former Khajiit allies), which are found throughout both wooded parts of Valenwood. These clay domes only rise above ground to give room for trees to grow. Each Bosmer village is usually led by a wise woman who functions as its shaman; she knows many secrets about herbs and animals, and forecast events by reading the stars.

Bosmer living in the forest, follows the Wilderking, although they don't believe he is a god (he appears to them as an incredibly agile Wood Elf Hunter/Warrior). They think of him more like an ideal that Bosmer should try to live up to. When on a dangerous quest or journey Bosmers fasting and meditating on their own identity on this special day. If successful, Bosmers receive a vision from The Wilderking about who Bosmer are deep inside. Bosmer 'return home for one year and must not be away from any Bosmer settlements during this time, nor can Bosmer travel to other provinces. Bosmers may not leave Valenwood at all. Bosmer will wear a blindfold for the next year and accept that they can not know who Bosmer marries, where Bosmer lives, etc. The only way Bosmers may find out any information about themselves is through visions granted by The Wilderking.

Many a Bosmer craftsman has become wealthy by trading his wares with outsiders. Bosmer is reluctant to take prisoners in war; they should execute their foes. Bosmer views their bodies as works of art; tattoos and jewelry are very common among them. Most Bosmers live in homes built into the trunks of massive trees, while others prefer to live in caves or on platforms far above the ground. Bosmer is particularly good at using their environment to help them fight, and they mix almost equal parts of stealth and magic when fighting enemies. Bosmer also develops skills to aid them when hunting; for instance, Bosmer can move silently and camouflage themselves among trees and bushes. Bosmer never wear heavy armor, but they use shields if attacked by an enemy with a powerful melee attack (such as a bear). They often prefer light armor such as leather or fur over robes.

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The Elder Scrolls series are one of the most popular action role-playing games in the world. The series of the game has sold altogether over 15 million copies and are popular among players of all genders and ages. The games are famous for their fascinating storyline and feature a wide variety of content - actual canons, battling in wars, breathtaking settings, and saving the world from infamous villains. At every turn, there's a new adventure waiting for you.

In the Elder Scrolls games, there is no single narrative. The games are usually serious in spirit and vast in scope, engaging in themes of a great battle against a supernatural or malevolent power. Each game is independent of others, yet each has a tale that may influence the entire continent. The land where all of the games take place is Tamriel. The relics that tell the tale of Tamriel's past, present, and future are Elder Scrolls themselves. They can be seen from time to time during the games.

Tamriel is split into many areas, each of which is often controlled by a particular race, though most races can thrive together in just about any continent. Each region has its own specific climate. Once, the regions were unified under a single monarch, the Tiber Septim the Dragonborn.

It's easy to get carried away in the tales taking place in the world of Elder Scrolls. One might suddenly feel as if they're a part of them in some manner. By taking on the role of a character, regardless of our chosen race, we are able to live through those tales firsthand.

Regardless of how you like to play, you can easily choose a class for your playstyle. In the fantasy world of Elder Scrolls exists a large variety of races. Some are typical fantasy creatures like orcs and dragons, but some are more unusual - such as reptilian-looking humans, Argonians, or cat-folk Khajiit. The game makes extensive use of magic, magical objects, and dungeons.

In the Elder Scrolls series, each player must truly embody the role they are playing. After choosing a race, naming their character may be one of the most important decisions a player must make in terms of how they wish to portray themselves.

Despite the fact that The Elder Scrolls narrative is an endless river of madness, the madness is all very straightforward, particularly when it comes to character names.

Many races in the series follow pre-determined name standards. For example, the typical Orc names are something like Borgakh gra-Gatuk or Borkul gro-Gilgar. The difference between those names is the gendered prefixes to the last name. The prefix ''gra'' means ''daughter of'' and ''gro'' means ''son of'', whoever the last name had previously belonged to. This means that the Orc called Borgakh gra-Gatuk is a female, and Borkul gro-Gilgar is a male Orc. So, the traditional Orc names are formed by choosing a first and last name, adding the suitable prefix in the middle. In this regard, we have gone out of our way to gather knowledge about Elder Scrolls naming conventions. Remember, that name choosing should not be taken lightly since it follows you through endless encounters and adventures. Our goal is to help players out when choosing the right Elder Scrolls names gets too complicated or overpowering.