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List of names and a name generator for the Elder Scrolls character Chimer.

Chimer Names

Viro Silmem
Vana Zilnos
Hanger Gotid
Mirne Barmat
Higvorec Zivibem
Emmixu Megnodeth
Didris Dabrit
Bonsas Sunes

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About Chimer


Chimer is the forefather of the modern Dark Elves or Dunmer. They are also popular in the names of Velothi, Changed Ones, and Changed Folk. The clan has been following the Prophet Veloth to leave the Elven homelands, which led them to live in Morrowind. Chimers are elves that have dark shades of gold skin, like what you see with Altmer.

Chimers are long-lived, ambitious, and dynamic Elven groups who spent their days adoring and worshipping the fundamentalist ancestors. One Chimer that maintained her appearance despite the curse was Almalexia. On the one hand, Vivec has slight changes in her look because of the curse that turned Chimer to Dunmer.

History of Chimer

The history of the Chimer started when they began following the Vilothi to the Summerset Isle. Various sources tell different stories about what happened during that time. Others claim that it started during the Late Merethic Era, while others say it took place during the Dawn Era. Another reference traced the history back to the time before the fall of Lorkhan, while others claim it happened later in the Topal, the Pilot. We also found some sources claiming that Chimer also traveled to the center of Tamriel.

Appearance and Culture

The physical appearance of Chimer has a lot of similarities with how Dunmer looks. Aside from having a pale gold skin color, they also have black eyes. Since they are relatively related to Dunmer, the cultures of the two clans are almost identical.

Notable Chimers

As mentioned, Chimer is a clan that is composed of several elves. The following are the most notable and popular Chimer: Divayth Fyr, Voryn Dagoth, Sotha Sil, Vivec, Mavos Siloreth, Legate Sadal, General Balreth, Almalexia, Alandro Sul, Veloth, Indoril Nerevar.

Fun Facts About Chimer

Age - Did you know that Chimer can also live at least three times longer than human life. In fact, the oldest Chimer was 300 years old, followed by a 200-year old Chimer.

Size - Chimer does have not only the same lifespan as humans but also the same size. The only difference is that humans have less graceful builds and are heavier than Chimer.

Healing Hands - One of the greatest skills of Chimer is that they can regain the power of one dead creature through touching. This feature can be used several times.

Language - Chimer can write, read, and speak Ald and Common Chimeris.

Final Words

To conclude, Chimer is a no-longer-existing race of elves. After changing their religion, they settled in Dwemer, which is now known as the Morrowind. They have a unique set of powers. But unfortunately, they are cursed by Azura, which changes them into Dunmer – who are considered the Dark, Bad elves.

About The Elder Scrolls

Picture a huge open-world teeming with monsters, vampires, and demons. A fantasy land, with influences from real-world cultures, where you may do anything your mind wants. A game that has it all, is Elder Scrolls.

The Elder Scrolls series are one of the most popular action role-playing games in the world. The series of the game has sold altogether over 15 million copies and are popular among players of all genders and ages. The games are famous for their fascinating storyline and feature a wide variety of content - actual canons, battling in wars, breathtaking settings, and saving the world from infamous villains. At every turn, there's a new adventure waiting for you.

In the Elder Scrolls games, there is no single narrative. The games are usually serious in spirit and vast in scope, engaging in themes of a great battle against a supernatural or malevolent power. Each game is independent of others, yet each has a tale that may influence the entire continent. The land where all of the games take place is Tamriel. The relics that tell the tale of Tamriel's past, present, and future are Elder Scrolls themselves. They can be seen from time to time during the games.

Tamriel is split into many areas, each of which is often controlled by a particular race, though most races can thrive together in just about any continent. Each region has its own specific climate. Once, the regions were unified under a single monarch, the Tiber Septim the Dragonborn.

It's easy to get carried away in the tales taking place in the world of Elder Scrolls. One might suddenly feel as if they're a part of them in some manner. By taking on the role of a character, regardless of our chosen race, we are able to live through those tales firsthand.

Regardless of how you like to play, you can easily choose a class for your playstyle. In the fantasy world of Elder Scrolls exists a large variety of races. Some are typical fantasy creatures like orcs and dragons, but some are more unusual - such as reptilian-looking humans, Argonians, or cat-folk Khajiit. The game makes extensive use of magic, magical objects, and dungeons.

In the Elder Scrolls series, each player must truly embody the role they are playing. After choosing a race, naming their character may be one of the most important decisions a player must make in terms of how they wish to portray themselves.

Despite the fact that The Elder Scrolls narrative is an endless river of madness, the madness is all very straightforward, particularly when it comes to character names.

Many races in the series follow pre-determined name standards. For example, the typical Orc names are something like Borgakh gra-Gatuk or Borkul gro-Gilgar. The difference between those names is the gendered prefixes to the last name. The prefix ''gra'' means ''daughter of'' and ''gro'' means ''son of'', whoever the last name had previously belonged to. This means that the Orc called Borgakh gra-Gatuk is a female, and Borkul gro-Gilgar is a male Orc. So, the traditional Orc names are formed by choosing a first and last name, adding the suitable prefix in the middle. In this regard, we have gone out of our way to gather knowledge about Elder Scrolls naming conventions. Remember, that name choosing should not be taken lightly since it follows you through endless encounters and adventures. Our goal is to help players out when choosing the right Elder Scrolls names gets too complicated or overpowering.