Filipino Names That Start With M

Find all the Filipino names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Macario Boy blessed
2 Madelyn Girl woman from Magdala
3 Mae Girl May, Goddess of Spring Growth
4 Magdalena Girl woman from Magdala
5 Mamerto Boy -
6 Manilyn Girl -
7 Manny Boy God is with us
8 Manolito Boy God with us
9 Manuel Boy God is among us
10 Marc Boy Warlike
11 Marcela Girl dedicated to Mars
12 Marcelina Girl dedicated to Mars
13 Marcelino Boy A Boy warrior
14 Marcelo Boy little warrior
15 Marcial Boy One who is dedicated to Mars
16 Marciana Girl dedicated to Mars
17 Marciano Boy little warrior
18 Marco Boy Warlike
19 Marcos Boy dedicated to Mars
20 Margarita Girl pearl
21 Margie Girl pearl
22 Maria Girl star of the sea
23 Mariam Girl star of the sea
24 Marian Girl star of the sea and grace
25 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
26 Mariano Boy manly
27 Maribel Girl star of the sea and beautiful
28 Maribeth Girl A sea of bitterness and a house of God
29 Maricar Girl -
30 Maricel Girl dedicated to Mars
31 Marichu Girl -
32 Maricris Girl One who swims in the sea of sorrow
33 Marie Girl star of the sea
34 Mariel Girl star of the sea
35 Marieta Girl A puddle of sorrow
36 Marietta Girl star of the sea
37 Marife Girl -
38 Marilou Girl A rebellious battle
39 Marilyn Girl star of the sea
40 Marina Girl from the sea
41 Mario Boy manly
42 Marisa Girl of the sea
43 Marissa Girl of the sea
44 Marita Girl star of the sea
45 Marites Girl A lady of the sea
46 Maritess Girl A sea of sadness
47 Marivic Girl -
48 Marjorie Girl pearl
49 Mark Boy Warlike
50 Marlene Girl star of the sea from Magdala
51 Marlo Boy descendent of Mary
52 Marlon Boy A small falcon
53 Marlyn Girl A blend of Marie and Lyn
54 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
55 Marvin Boy sea friend
56 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
57 Maryjane Girl Combination of names Mary and Jane
58 Mateo Boy gift of God
59 Maureen Girl star of the sea
60 Maxima Girl greatest
61 Maximo Boy greatest
62 May Girl the fifth month
63 Melanie Girl black or dark-skinned
64 Melba Girl of the city of Melbourne
65 Melchor Boy -
66 Melecio Boy careful or attentive
67 Melinda Girl sweet
68 Melissa Girl bee
69 Melody Girl music or song
70 Melvin Boy -
71 Mercedes Girl mercies
72 Mercedita Girl -
73 Mercy Girl compassion or forbearance
74 Meriam Girl -
75 Merlina Girl blackbird
76 Merlinda Girl -
77 Merlita Girl -
78 Merly Girl -
79 Merlyn Girl sea fortress
80 Merry Girl joyful or lighthearted
81 Michael Boy who is like God?
82 Michelle Girl who resembles God
83 Miguel Boy who is like unto Yaweh.
84 Mike Boy -
85 Mila Girl gracious, dear
86 Milagros Girl miracles
87 Mildred Girl gentle strength
88 Minda Girl honey; gentle, soft, tender
89 Minerva Girl intellect
90 Mirasol Girl A fully grown beautiful sunflower
91 Miriam Girl wished for child
92 Modesto Boy modest, moderate, humble
93 Mohammad Boy praiseworthy
94 Moises Boy saviour
95 Monaliza Girl -
96 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
97 Myla Girl merciful
98 Mylene Girl merciful
99 Myra Girl myrrh
100 Myrna Girl beloved

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