Finnish Names That Start With M

Find all the Finnish names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Maaret Girl -
2 Maarit Girl -
3 Magnus Boy great
4 Maija Girl A woman of rebellious nature
5 Maija-Leena Girl -
6 Maija-Liisa Girl -
7 Maiju Girl -
8 Maila Girl One who is admired
9 Mailis Girl -
10 Maire Girl star of the sea
11 Maisa Girl table
12 Maj-Britt Girl -
13 Maj-Lis Girl -
14 Malin Girl little strong warrior
15 Manu Boy thinking, wise
16 Marcus Boy dedicated to Mars
17 Margareta Girl pearl
18 Margit Girl pearl
19 Mari Girl donation
20 Maria Girl star of the sea
21 Marianna Girl star of the sea
22 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
23 Marie Girl star of the sea
24 Marika Girl star of the sea
25 Marina Girl from the sea
26 Marita Girl star of the sea
27 Maritta Girl -
28 Marja Girl star of the sea
29 Marja-Leena Girl -
30 Marja-Liisa Girl -
31 Marja-Riitta Girl -
32 Marja-Terttu Girl -
33 Marjaana Girl -
34 Marjatta Girl -
35 Marjo Girl One who has deep inner desires and truths
36 Marjo-Riitta Girl -
37 Marju Girl -
38 Marjukka Girl -
39 Marjut Girl A beloved girl
40 Marketta Girl pearl
41 Markku Boy Finnish variation of the name Mark
42 Marko Boy dedicated to Mars
43 Markus Boy dedicated to Mars
44 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
45 Martta Girl lady; mistress of the house
46 Martti Boy Dedicated to Mars; Like Mars; War Like
47 Mathias Boy gift of God
48 Matias Boy gift of God
49 Matilda Girl mighty in battle
50 Mats Boy gift of God
51 Matti Boy lady; mistress of the house; mighty in battle
52 Mauno Boy -
53 Mauri Boy -
54 Max Boy Greatest
55 Meeri Girl Pearl
56 Meri Girl The marine, deep ocean.
57 Merja Girl The holy mother Mary, virgin Mary
58 Mervi Girl -
59 Mia Girl beloved
60 Michael Boy who is like God?
61 Miia Girl -
62 Miika Boy -
63 Miikka Boy -
64 Miina Girl -
65 Mika Boy lord; who resembles God?; three trees together; quick, nimble
66 Mikael Boy who resembles God?
67 Mikaela Girl who resembles God?
68 Mikko Boy gift from God
69 Miko Boy who resembles God?
70 Milja Girl Trying to excel or become equal
71 Milla Girl helper to the priest
72 Minna Girl will helmet or protection
73 Minttu Girl Finnish variant of "Mint", a cool persona
74 Mira Girl peace
75 Mirja Girl drop of the sea, exalted one
76 Mirjam Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
77 Mirjami Girl -
78 Mirka Girl wonderful; peace; propserous
79 Mirkka Girl -
80 Miro Boy The one who loves peace, spread peace
81 Mirva Girl -
82 Miska Boy A blessing of God, A gift from the God
83 Mona Girl noble or aristocratic
84 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
85 Monika Girl advisor; unique

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