German Names That Start With M

Find all the German names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Madeleine Girl woman from Magdala
2 Magda Girl woman from Magdala
3 Magdalena Girl woman from Magdala
4 Magdalene Girl of Magdala
5 Maik Boy Hebrew origin, a question "Who is like God?"
6 Maike Girl A child that was dearly whished for
7 Maja Girl mother
8 Malgorzata Girl pearl
9 Malte Boy A person protected by the helmet
10 Mandy Girl loveable
11 Manfred Boy man of peace
12 Manja Girl -
13 Manuel Boy God is among us
14 Manuela Girl God is with us
15 Marc Boy Warlike
16 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
17 Marco Boy Warlike
18 Marcus Boy dedicated to Mars
19 Mareike Girl -
20 Marek Boy On who is warlike
21 Maren Girl star of the sea
22 Marga Girl pearl
23 Margareta Girl pearl
24 Margarete Girl pearl
25 Margaretha Girl -
26 Margarethe Girl pearl
27 Margarita Girl pearl
28 Margit Girl pearl
29 Margitta Girl -
30 Margot Girl pearl
31 Margret Girl pearl
32 Margrit Girl pearl
33 Maria Girl star of the sea
34 Maria-Luise Girl -
35 Marian Girl star of the sea and grace
36 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
37 Marie Girl star of the sea
38 Marie-Luise Girl -
39 Marietta Girl star of the sea
40 Marija Girl A woman of the sea of sorrowness
41 Marika Girl star of the sea
42 Marina Girl from the sea
43 Mario Boy manly
44 Marion Girl star of the sea
45 Marita Girl star of the sea
46 Maritta Girl -
47 Marius Boy male
48 Mark Boy Warlike
49 Marko Boy dedicated to Mars
50 Markus Boy dedicated to Mars
51 Marlen Girl star of the sea
52 Marlene Girl star of the sea from Magdala
53 Marlies Girl -
54 Marliese Girl -
55 Marlis Girl -
56 Marta Girl lady; mistress of the house; dedicated to Mars
57 Martha Girl the lady, the mistress
58 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
59 Martina Girl dedicated to Mars
60 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
61 Mathias Boy gift of God
62 Mathilde Girl mighty in battle
63 Matthias Boy gift of God
64 Max Boy Greatest
65 Maximilian Boy greatest
66 Mechthild Girl -
67 Mechtild Girl -
68 Mehmet Boy praiseworthy
69 Meike Girl -
70 Meinhard Boy brave or hard strength
71 Meinolf Boy -
72 Melanie Girl black or dark-skinned
73 Melitta Girl bee; honey; honey-sweet
74 Meta Girl pearl
75 Michael Boy who is like God?
76 Michaela Girl who resembles God
77 Michel Boy Who Is Like God?
78 Michele Boy who resembles God?
79 Mike Boy -
80 Milan Boy gracious, dear
81 Mina Girl fish
82 Miriam Girl wished for child
83 Mirjam Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
84 Mirko Boy peaceful glory
85 Mohamed Boy praiseworthy
86 Mohammad Boy praiseworthy
87 Mohammed Boy praiseworthy
88 Mona Girl noble or aristocratic
89 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
90 Monika Girl advisor; unique
91 Monique Girl Advisor
92 Moritz Boy dark-skinned or Moorish
93 Murat Boy Wish come true
94 Mustafa Boy chosen
95 Myriam Girl -

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