Hungarian Names That Start With M

Find all the Hungarian names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 M Girl -
2 Magda Girl woman from Magdala
3 Magdalena Girl woman from Magdala
4 Magdaléna Girl -
5 Magdi Girl A man famous for his glory
6 Magdolna Girl woman from Magdala
7 Maja Girl mother
8 Malgorzata Girl pearl
9 Malvin Girl One who likes to be in charge, a chief
10 Manuéla Girl -
11 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
12 Marcell Boy little warrior
13 Marcella Girl dedicated to Mars
14 Marco Boy Warlike
15 Marek Boy On who is warlike
16 Margareta Girl pearl
17 Margaréta Girl A pearly one
18 Margarita Girl pearl
19 Margit Girl pearl
20 Margó Girl -
21 Mari Girl donation
22 Maria Girl star of the sea
23 Mária Girl -
24 Marian Girl star of the sea and grace
25 Mariana Girl star of the sea
26 Mariann Girl star of the sea
27 Mariánna Girl A glorious sea of sorrow
28 Marianna Girl star of the sea
29 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
30 Marica Girl A child who was wished for
31 Marie Girl star of the sea
32 Marietta Girl star of the sea
33 Marija Girl A woman of the sea of sorrowness
34 Marika Girl star of the sea
35 Marin Boy county north of San Francisco
36 Marina Girl from the sea
37 Márió Boy A sad, bitter person
38 Mario Boy manly
39 Marius Boy male
40 Máriusz Boy A man who is going to war
41 Márk Boy A warlike man
42 Mark Boy Warlike
43 Márkó Boy One who is malny but tender
44 Márkus Boy One who is manly and virile
45 Márta Girl -
46 Marta Girl lady; mistress of the house; dedicated to Mars
47 Márti Girl A soldier of Mars
48 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
49 Martina Girl dedicated to Mars
50 Marton Boy dedicated to Mars
51 Márton Boy A battling, fighting, warring individual
52 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
53 Mate Boy One who is like the gift of God
54 Máté Boy One who is like the gift of God
55 Matild Girl -
56 Matthias Boy gift of God
57 Mátyás Boy Hungarian name for a gift from the God
58 Matyas Boy gift of God
59 Maya Girl illusion
60 Médea Girl -
61 Melánia Girl -
62 Melinda Girl sweet
63 Melitta Girl bee; honey; honey-sweet
64 Menyhért Boy -
65 Mercedes Girl mercies
66 Mercédesz Girl -
67 Michael Boy who is like God?
68 Michel Boy Who Is Like God?
69 Mihaela Girl there is none like the creator of this world.
70 Mihai Boy there is none like the great God.
71 Mihaly Boy who resembles God?
72 Mihály Boy -
73 Miki Boy three trees together, quick, or nimble
74 Miklos Boy -
75 Miklós Boy -
76 Miksa Boy A form of Maximillian, meaning greatest.
77 Milán Boy -
78 Milan Boy gracious, dear
79 Miléna Girl A pleasant person, a dear one
80 Milica Girl A graceful lady, An alluring one
81 Min Girl Clever
82 Míra Girl -
83 Mira Girl peace
84 Mirella Girl wonderful; peace; propserous; worthy of admiration
85 Mirjam Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
86 Mirjana Girl star of the sea
87 Mirkó Boy A peaceful person, one who is very calm
88 Mirtill Girl -
89 Misi Boy -
90 Mohamed Boy praiseworthy
91 Mohammad Boy praiseworthy
92 Mohammed Boy praiseworthy
93 Molnár / Unisex -
94 Mona Girl noble or aristocratic
95 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
96 Mónika Girl -
97 Monika Girl advisor; unique
98 Mózes Boy -
99 Mustafa Boy chosen

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