Indian Names That Start With M

Find all the Indian names starting with M along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Ma Boy The heights
2 Madan Boy An Indian name for Cupid, God of Love
3 Madhav Boy A Boy whose sweetness is compared to honey
4 Madhavi Girl A name for Hindu Goddes Lakshmi
5 Madhu Girl Honey-sweet person
6 Madhukar Boy -
7 Madhuri Girl She who is full of sweetness
8 Madhusudan Boy Name of Lord Krishna
9 Mahadev Boy -
10 Mahadevi Girl The Goddes who is the greates one of them all
11 Mahammad Boy -
12 Mahavir Boy great hero
13 Mahendra Boy Name of Lord Indra
14 Mahes Boy One who is a great ruler; Lord Shiva
15 Mahesabhai Boy -
16 Mahesh Boy great ruler
17 Mahinder Boy -
18 Maina Girl The one who brings a message from God
19 Mala Girl woman from Magdala; the fifth month
20 Malati Girl Name of Jasmine flower
21 Mallamma Girl -
22 Mallika Girl A creeper plant; Jasmine
23 Mallikarjuna Boy Name of Lord Shiva
24 Malti Girl -
25 Mamat Girl -
26 Mamata Girl -
27 Mamta Girl A feeling of motherly love and affection
28 Man Boy A male human being
29 Mana Boy One who is full of spirit
30 Manas Boy Mind; Wise; Powers; To think
31 Manda Girl loveable
32 Mangal / Unisex One who is auspicious
33 Mangala Girl A blissful one
34 Mangesh Boy One of many names of Lord Shiva
35 Mangi Girl -
36 Mangilal Boy -
37 Mangla Girl One who that comes before morning
38 Mani / Unisex jewel
39 Manik Boy A gem stone, ruby
40 Manikantan Boy A person who carries a bell around his neck
41 Manish Boy One who is the lord of the mind
42 Manisha Girl -
43 Manjeet / Unisex -
44 Manjit / Unisex A person who controls the mind
45 Manjoo Girl -
46 Manju Girl A lovely person with beautiful personality
47 Manjula Girl -
48 Manjulaben Girl -
49 Manjunatha Boy One of many names of Lord Shiva
50 Manohar Boy -
51 Manoj Boy One who is born of mind
52 Manojj Boy -
53 Manorama Girl Beautiful; Pleasing; Charming; Good Looking
54 Manoranjan Boy -
55 Mantu Boy -
56 Manu Boy thinking, wise
57 Maruti Boy -
58 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
59 Mau Boy Arabic name meaning cat
60 Maya Girl illusion
61 Meeina Girl -
62 Meena Girl fish
63 Meera Girl light or saintly woman
64 Milan Boy gracious, dear
65 Mina Girl fish
66 Minaben Girl -
67 Minakshi Girl The one having the beautiful fish-liked eyes
68 Minati Girl A prayer or an offering to the God
69 Mini Girl -
70 Minu Girl A heavenly place, not less that paradise
71 Mira Girl peace
72 Mita Girl The most dearest friend
73 Mithalesh Boy -
74 Mithilesh Boy -
75 Mithu Girl -
76 Mithun Boy A union of people, a making of couple
77 Mo Boy saviour
78 Mohammad Boy praiseworthy
79 Mohammed Boy praiseworthy
80 Mohan Boy A Gift from the Almighty God
81 Mohani Girl -
82 Mohit Boy Black coated gorgeous, gloomy layer love.
83 Monika Girl advisor; unique
84 Moti Boy Pearl; Valuable; Precious Stone; Shining
85 Motilal Boy Pearl; Valuable; Precious Stone; Shining
86 Mousumi Girl -
87 Mu Boy -
88 Muhammad Boy praiseworthy
89 Muhammed Boy praiseworthy
90 Mukes Boy -
91 Mukesh Boy A name of Lord Shiva. It means cupid
92 Mukeshr Boy -
93 Muni Girl -
94 Munna Boy -
95 Munni Girl -
96 Murali Boy flute
97 Murukan Boy -

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