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Looking for a name with a specific meaning? We have done a lot of research to provide you with accurate meanings behind hundreds of thousands of first and last names. Our goal is to help you find a suitable name with your desired meaning for your baby, fictional character, or learn about the meanings behind your own first and last names.

abbrevation abbreviation abilite ability abode absence absorbed abundance accent acceptance accomplishment achievement achiever acquaintance act action activity actor administrator admiration admirer adoration adoring adornment adult advantage adventure advice advise adviser advisor advita affection afghan agikuyu agreement agriculture ahobilam aid aim air akan albanian altar alternative ambition amount ancestor andhra angels anger angle anglo animal anklet announcement answer antelope apostle appa appeal appearance appereance appreciation approval apricot aramaic archbishop archery area aristocrat arm armlet armor armour army aroma arrival article artist arts aspect aspiration assembly assistance assistant associate atmosphere attachment attendant attention attitude attraction attractiveness attribute audience auspiciousness authority awakening award awareness awe ayya baal badger bailiff balance ball ballad bark barn barrel barrier bashful basket battle battlefield beacon bead bean bearer beaver bed beekeeper begining beginner beginning behalf behavior behaviour being belgium belief believer bellow belly belonging belt bend benediction benefactor benefit bengali best bestower beverage bhima bible birth birthday birthplace bit bitterne bitterness blackbird blackness blacksmith blameless blend blessing;god blessings blond blonde blood blooming boar boat body bonus book boon border born bough bound boundary bounty bouquet boy boys bracelet brahama brahman brahmans brahmins bravery bread break breath breed breton bretons bride brigh brightness brilliance bringer broom brother brow brush brushwood builder bulls bunch burden burning bush business butter cairn calendar calender calf call calmness cambodian camel camp camphor canopus capability capacity capital captivating care caretaker carpenter carrier caste cauldron cause cautious cavalier cave celebration celebrity celestial center ceremony chalk challenge chamorro channel chant character charcoal charge chariot charioteer charm chat cheek cheer cheerfulness cheery chief chieftain child childhood chinesee choice christianityity church circle citadel citizen city clan class classical clearing clearness clerk cloak cloth clothe clouds club cluster coast cobra cognate collection collector cologne color colour combat combatant combination comedy comer comforter command commander communication community companion companionship compannion company comparison compassion competition complexion composition compound comrade concentration conception conclusion condition conduct confidence conflict connection conquerer conqueror conquest consciousness consecrated consideration consort constellation contemporary contentment contest context contraction control controller conversation cooperation core corn corner cornwall cottage council counsel counsellor counselor count country county couple courage course courtier cover cows coyote craftsman crane crave craving cream creation creativity creator creature creek creeper crest crossing crowd crown crystal cub cuckoo cultivator culture cup cupid cure curiosity current cushion custodian custom cut czech dagger dairy damsel dance dancer dancing darkness date daughter daybreak daydreamer daylight dearest death deceit decency decision decoration decree dedication deed deer defeater defender degree delicacy delight demeanor demon demons denmark depth derivation derivative derive descendant descendent descent description desert design designer desire destroyer destruction detail determination development devi devil devine devotee devotion dew dharma diety difficulty dignified dignity diminutive direction director dirt disciple discipline discus disease disposition dispute distance distinction distress district disturbance ditch divinity division doe doer dog dolphin domain dominican donation donor dragon drama drawing dream dreamer dress drink drinking drona dronacharya drop droplet duality duck dusk duty dwarf dweller dwelling dynasty earring earthworker ease east eastern ecstasy effort egg ego elegance element elephant elevation elf elixir elm elves embellishment embodiment eminence emotion empathy emperor empire empress enchantress enclosure end ending endowment enemy energy england enjoyment enlightment entertaining enthusiasm entrance environment envy epithet equality equivalent establish estate esteem ethic europe event evidence exaltation example excellence excitement exile existence expanse expectation experience explorer expression eye eyebrow eyed eyes eyesight fabric face fact faithfulness fame family fantasy farm farming farmstead father fault favor favour fear feat feature feeling feet fence fertility festival fig fight fighter fighting figure finder finnish fire firmness fish flag flake flame flat flaw flexibility flight flock flood floret flow flowers flowery flute fog foliage folk follower fondness food foot force forehead foreigner forenoon foresight forgiveness forgiver forhead form formidable fort fortification fortress fosterer foundation founder fowl fragrance frail freedom frenchman friendship fright frisian front fruit fulfillment fun furrow future gaelic gaeta gait game ganges garment gate gateway gathering gauts gems gemstone gender generation generosity genius gentleman gentleness germany gesture giant gift gilded girdle girl girls giver glade gladness gleaming glitter glory glow goal goat god goddes goddess godess gods goodness goose gorgeousness gospel goth goths governor graciousness grain grand grandeur grandfather grandmother grandson grape grass grassland grat gratitude greatness greece greenery greeting grief grim ground group growth guard guardian guest guidance guide guilt gujarat guru gypsy habit habitational hadith hair half happiness harbour harp harvest harvester haze hazelnut head headland healer health heap heart hearth heat heavens hebrew hedge heel height heir hell helper hen herd herdsman heritage hermit hermitage hero heroine hiding highland hills hillside hilltop himalayan himalayas hindu hinduism hindus history holder holiness holy home homeland homestead honest honeybee honored honour hordes horizon horse horseman hostage hound hour house household human humanity humble humbleness humming hummingbird humour hundred hunger hunting huntress huntsman husband hut hymn ibn idea idol ignorance illness illumination illusion image imagination immortal immortality imperial importance impression impurity incarnation increase independence indication individual individuality indra infant infatuation infinity influence information ing inhabitant inheritance inheritor initiative innocence innovation insect insight inspiration instruction instrument integrity intellect intelligence intention interest intervention introvert invariant investigation invincible iran iraq ireland iron islam island isle isolation issue italian italy item jainism japanese javelin jehova jehovah jewellery judaism judgement judgment juice jujube jungle kalar kazakh keeper keys kid killer kingdom kings kitten knife knoledge knot knower knowledge knowlegde kynthos labour lamp landing language lantern laughter laurentum layer leader leadership learner learning leather leave leaves ledge leg leopard lesson letter level liberal liberation liberator life lifetime light lightening lighting liking lime limit lineage liner lioness lip liquid listener literature lives living location logic loin longing look lords loveliness lover loyalty luck luminance luster lustre magnificence mahabharat mahabharata maid maintainer majesty maker making malayali mango manifest manifestation mankind manner mansion maori marriage martyr masse master match meaning measure medicine meditation meditative meek meeting melancholy member menas merchant merriment message messanger messenger metal method middle might military milk mill mind minister mirror misery misfortune mistress mixture moment monarch monastery monday money monk monkey monkeys monster month mood moonlight moonstone moor morality mother motion mound mount mountain mountains mountin mouth movement mud multitude muruga murugan music musician musk myrtle mystery myth mythology naam narrator narrow nation navel neck necklace nectar need negative neighbor nephew newborn newcomer news night nobel nobility nobleman noise none nook norse norway nose nosed note nourishment novel number nun nut nymph oarsman oath object observer obstacle occasion occupation of offering officer official offspring one oneness oneself opening opinion opportunity orator orchard order organ orgin origin originality originator ornament outlook over overcomer owl ox pain painter painting pair palace palm pandiya panther panwar paradise parent parrot part particle partner pashto passage past pasture pathway patience patrician patron patronymic pattern pbuh pea peacefulness peacemaker peacock peak pear peasant people perception perfection performing perfume period person persona personality personification perspective petitte phase philosopher philosophy phrophetess physician picture piece pigeon pilgrim pilgrimage pillar pine pinnacle pioneer pipe pitcher pity place pladge plain plan planet planner plant planter plateau play player pleasantness pleasure pledge plenty plough ploughman plural poem poetess poetry point poison pole pollen pomegranate pomp pond pool popularity portion position possession possessor pot power practicality practice pradesh praise praiser prayer preacher prefix preparation presence preserver prestige prey pride priest primordial principle prize problem process profession progress proof property prophecy prophet prophetess proprietor prosperity protection protector provider province prowess public punjabi pupil purifier purpose quality quantity queenly quran raadiant rabbit radiance ramayana range rank ravine rays ready reality realization realm reaper rebellion rebelliousness rebirth recitation reckoner recognition reconciliation refer reference reflection refuge refugee regard region regulation rejoicing relation relationship relative relaxation relief religion remembrance replacement representation representative republic reputation request research resemble residence resident resin respect responsibility rest resting restraint result resurrection return revelation revolution reward rhytm rice rich richness righteousness rise rising risk ritual rival riverside road role romanian roof root rope rosebud ruler runner sacrifice sadness safe safeguard safety saints salmon salutation salvation sand sandalwood sanity sanskrit saraswathi satellite satisfaction savior saviour saying scare scent scholar scripture sea seaman search searcher seashell season seclusion secret secretive section security seed seeker seer self seller senior sense senstiveness sentiment separation series serpant serpent serpents servant service set settlement severe sex shadow shahnameh shame shape shaped share shear shed sheep shelter shield shine ship shire shoe shoot shore shoulder shower shrine shrub sibling side sight sign significance silence silk singer singing situation siva sketch skill skin skinned skull slave slayer sleep slope slovak smell smelling smile smoke snake snare snow society softness soil soldier solitary solitude solution son song sorceress sorrow sort soul sour source sovereign space spain sparkle speaker specie spectator speech spell spelling spice spirituality splendidness splendor splendour sport spot spotlight springtime sprit sprite sprout spruce sri st. stability staff stag stage stall stallion start starting state statue stature status stoneworker stranger strawberry stream strenght strength stretch strife string stronghold structure struggle student style subject submission substance succesor success successor suffix sugary sunbeam sunlight sunray superiority supplanter supply support supporter supremacy surface surprise surrounding survival survivor swahili swallow swamp swarthy sweet sweetheart sweetness sword swordsman symbol sympathy syria system table tail tailor taker talent talk tamil target task taste tatius teacher teaching team tear teh telugu temper temple tender tenderness tent term terror testament texas text thai thank thicket thief thing thinker thinking thirst thought thracius thread throat throne throw thunderbolt thursday tiding tiger tigress tile timekeeper tip tirthankara title tolerance tolmai tomorrow tongan tongue tool tooth top torch tortoise torture touch tower town trade trader tradition tranquil tranquility tranquillity transcription trap travel traveler traveller treasure tree trees triangle tribe tributary tribute trick triumph troop trouble trunk trust truth truthfulness tuesday tulsi tumult tune turkish twig twin twinflower type umbrella uncle unclear underworld union unit unity universe upright uprising urge usa use vairant valley valor valour valuable value varaint varaition variation varient variety varun vedas vehicle venkateshwara venkateswara venus verion verse version vessel victor victory view viewer vigor vigour viking village vine vineyard vinshu virgin virile virility virtue vishnu vision vitality vocabulary voctory voice vow voyager vyasa waist wales wall wanderer wang want war warden warfare warmth warrior warriors watch watchman water waterfall wave way wealth weapon weather wedding welfare wellbeing west western wetland wheel whiteness wife wind wine wing winner wisdom wish wisher wit witness wolf woman womb women wonder wood woodcutter woodland woods word work worker working world worrior worry worship worshiper worshipper worshippers wreath wrestler writer writing wrong yahweh yard year yew yoga yogi yorkshire yoruban youth youthfulness zeus zhang zodiac
able aboriginal absolute abundant academic acceptable accessible acclaimed accomplished accurate acient active adaptable additional admirable admired adorable adriatic advanced adventerous adventurous affectionate afraid african aged aggressive agile agreeable alcoholic alert alive alluring almighty alternant alternate amazing ambitious american amusing analytical ancien ancient anglicized angry anxious apparent appealing appreciative approacable approachable appropriate arabic archaic argentinian aristocratic aristrocratic armed armenian armored aromatic arthurian artistic ascetic assamese assertive assured assyrian astute attentive attractive auspicious authentic authoritative available average awake aware awesome aztec bad balanced bald bare bearded beauteous beautiful belgian beloved beneficent beneficial benevolent benign beutiful biblical big bitter blessed blind blissful blue bluish bodied bold bony bosnian boundless bountiful brainy brave brazilian bright brilliant british broad broadminded broken brotherly browed bubbly buddhist bulgarian busy calm capable carefree careful caring catalan central ceremonial certain challenging characteristic charismatic charitable charming chaste cheerful cheerfull childlike chubby circular civilized clean clear clever close cold colored colorful coloured colourful comfortable comforting commanding commendable committed common communicative compassionate compatible competent complete complexioned compliant composed concentrated concerned confident confused congenial conscious considerate consistent consoler constant contented continuous conversational cool cooperative cordial cornish correct cosmic costly countless courageous courteous crafty creative crested crippled croatian crooked cultured cunning curious curly cute dainty daring darling dashing dazzling dead dear dearmost decent decisive decorated decorative dedicated delicate delighted delightful deminutive dependable deserving desirable desirous destined destructive detailed determind determined devoted devout different difficult diligent dim dimunitive diplomatic direct disciplined discreet distant distinct distinguished divine domestic dominant double downy dramatic dreamy dry dual dusky dutiful dynamic eager eared easygoing eccentric ecstatic effective efficient egyptian eighth eld elderly elegant elevated eloquent eminent emotional empty enchanted enchanting enclosed encouraging endearing endless enduring energetic english enjoyable enlighted enlightened enormous enough enthusiastic enticing entire equal esteemed estonian eternal ethical ethiopian ethnic european evergreen everlasting evident exalted excellent exceptional excess excited exciting exclusive existent exotic expensive experienced expert expressive exquisite extensive extraordinary extravagant extreme fabulous faced fair faithful false familiar famous fantastic far fascinating fashioned fast faultless favorable favorite favourable favourite fearing fearless fellow female feminine feminized ferocious fertile festive few fictional fierce fiery fifth final fine firend firm first fit flawless flax flexible flourishing flowering flowing fluent focused fond footed forceful foreign foremost forgiving former formless fortified fortunate forward fourth fragile fragrant freckled fresh friendly fruitful ful funny furious gain generous gentle genuine georgian germanic gifted gigantic giving glittering gloomy glorified glorious glossy glowing godlike godly going good gorgeous gothic graceful gracious grassy grateful great greek greenish greenlandic grown gujarati haired hairy handed handsome hardworking harmonious hawaiian headed healthy hearted hearty heavy hedged helpful heroic hidden high highborn hilly historical hollow honeyed honorable honourable honoured hopeful hospitable hostile huge humane humanitarian hungarian icelandic ideal idealistic illuminated illuminating illustrious imaginative immaculate immeasurable immense immovable impatient imperishable important importat impossible impressive impulsive incarnate inclined incomparable independent indestructible indian individualistic indonesian industrious inestimable infinite influential initial innate inner innocent innocente innovative inquisitive insightful inspirational inspired inspiring intellectual intelligent intense interesting internal intimate intoxicated intuitive inuit invaluable inventive iranian irish irresistible islamic jamaican jealous jovial joyful joyous judgemental judicious kenyan kind kindhearted kingly knowing knowledgable knowledgeable known korean kurdish laborious lame large last lasting late latin latvian leafy learned lebanese left legendary lenient liberated lighted lighthearted likable like likeable literal literary little locational lofty logical lonely lonesome looking lost loud lovable loveable loved loving lucid luminant luminous lunar lustrous macedonian mad magical magnetic magnificent magnificient majestic male mannered married marvellous marvelous masculine massive matchless material materialistic matted mature mean meaningful medical medieval melodious memorable mental merciful meritorious mesmerising metriculous mid mighty minded mindful miraculous mischievous moderate modern modest mortal much multi musical muslim mysterious mystic mystical mythical mythological naive native natty natural natured naughty near neat necessary needy new nice nigerian nightless nimble ninth noble non nonchalant nordic normal northern norwegian notable numerous nurturing obedient obidient objective observant occupational og old omnipresent only open optimistic ordinary organized original ornamental other outer outspoken outstanding overall own painful pale pampered particular pashtun passionate passive peaceful perceptive perfect permanent persistent personal pettite philosophical physical pious playful pleasant pleased pleasing pleasurable plentiful poetic pointed poised poisonous polar polish polished polite poor popular portuguese positive possible potent potential powerful powerfull practical praised praiseworthy precious premature prepared present pretty priceless primary prime princely principal principled pristine privileged productive professional proficient profitable profound progressive prominent promising prompt proper prosperous protective proud prudent pure purest purple quick quiet quranic radiant rapid rare rational real realistic reasonable rebellious reddish refined reflective refreshing regal related relaxed reliable reliant religious remarkable renown renowned reputable reputed reserved resolute resourceful respectable respected respectful responsible responsive restless reticent reverent rhyming rhythmic right righteous rigid ripe roman romantic rooted rough ruddy russian sacred sacrificial sad sagacious sage same satisfied satisfying scandinavian scented scholarly second secure seething selfless semi sensible sensitive sentimental serious seventh several shakespearean shallow shapeless sharp shinig shining shiny short shouldered shrewd shy sicilian sighted significant silent similar simple sincere single sinless sixth skilful skilled skillful slavic sleek slender slovene slow small smart smooth sober sociable social soft solar sole solid soothing sophisticated sorrowful soulful sound south spacious spanish sparkling special specific spirited spiritual splendid spoken spontaneous spotless spotted stable standard steadfast steady steep still stony stout straightforward strange strengthful strict stritct stubborn studious stunning sturdy sublime submissive successful such sudden sufficient suitable super superb superficial superior superlative supernatural supportive supreme swedish swift swiss syllable symbolic sympathetic systematic tactful talented talkative tame tasty technical tempered tenderhearted terrible teutonic thankful thankfull thick thin third thirsty thorny thorough thoughtful tidy timeless timid tired tolerant topographic tough traditional translucent transparent treasurable treasured tremendous tribal triumphant true trusted trusting trustworthy truthful turbulent twisted ugly ukrainian ultimate unadulterated unalterable unbeatable unblemished unborn unbroken uncertain uncombed uncommon unconditional unconquerable uncontrolled undefeatable understandable understanding unending unequalled unfading unfair unfortunate unhappy unique unisex united universal unknown unlimited unlucky unmarried unmatched unparalleled unpleasant unpolluted unpredictable unrestrained unselfish unsophisticated unsullied untainted untamed untiring untouched unusual upper urdu useful utmost vain valued variant various vedic venerable verbal versatile versed vibrant victorious victorius vietnamese vigilant vigorous violent virginal virtuous visible visionary vital vivacious vivid warlike warm watchful weak wealthy weary welcoming well welsh wet white whole wholesome wide wild willed willing winged wise wishful witted witty womanly wonderful wondrous wooded wooden worldly worth worthy yellow yiddish young youthful zealous zoroastrian
Information about Name Meanings

Have you ever found yourself wondering, 'Does my name have a meaning?' 'What does my name mean?' 'Where has my name come from?'. It is a great belief of many cultures that names have an enormous impact on one's life, and it will surely define the person's character. For that reason, many people favor names that have a specific meaning. In some ethnicities, people name their newborn by nature, while in some others, names are chosen by parents' hopes and dreams for the baby's life. Nowadays, names have evolved, but most still have the roots of the original name. For example, a boy name Charles has evolved from the ancient Anglo-Saxon name Cearl, and furthermore, a girl name Charlene has evolved from its male form. But the original meanings behind evolved names stay the same even after adaptions. We have done a lot of research to provide you with accurate meanings behind hundreds of thousands of first and last names. Our goal is to help you find a suitable name with your desired meaning for your baby, fictional character, or learn about the meanings behind your own first and last names.