Pakistani Names That Start With S

Find all the Pakistani names starting with S along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Saabira Girl A woman who is patient and eduring
2 Saad Boy happiness
3 Saba Girl from Sheba or morning
4 Sabeeha Girl A beautiful forenoon
5 Sabi Girl A young girl
6 Sabiha Girl An afternoon of beauty
7 Sabir Boy patient
8 Sadaan Girl -
9 Sadaf Girl One who is like the shell of the sea
10 Sadaqat Boy -
11 Saddam Boy bulwark
12 Sadia Girl The woman who is righteous
13 Sadiq Boy One who is truthful
14 Saeed Boy happy
15 Saeeda Girl A spirit of the forest
16 Safdar Boy One who is piercing lines
17 Safeena Girl -
18 Safeer Boy A mediating person, an ambassador
19 Saffia Girl -
20 Safi Boy A sencere friend
21 Safia Girl friend; pure
22 Safina Girl -
23 Safiyah Girl friend or pure
24 Sagheer Boy -
25 Saghria Girl -
26 Sahab / Unisex The clouds in the sky
27 Sahib / Unisex A companion
28 Said Boy happy
29 Saif Boy Arabic word meaning summer
30 Saima Girl A fasting woman
31 Saiqa Girl The power of the lightning bolt
32 Saira Girl princess
33 Sairaan Girl -
34 Sairah Girl princess
35 Sajad Boy One who worships Allah
36 Sajeda Girl -
37 Sajid Boy A man who worships God
38 Sajida Girl A devoted worshiper of Allah
39 Sajidh Girl -
40 Sajjad Boy A person who is submissive
41 Sakeena Girl One with the God-inspired peace of mind
42 Sakhi Boy A good companion and loyal friend
43 Sakina Girl One whose piece of mind is inspired by God
44 Salah Boy righteousness
45 Salamat Boy One who has integrity
46 Saleem Boy peaceful
47 Saleh Boy He who is righteous
48 Saleha Girl A virtuous woman
49 Salemah Girl -
50 Salma Girl helmet of God
51 Salman Boy security, safety
52 Salme Girl -
53 Samaa Girl A heavenm or the sky
54 Samar / Unisex night talk
55 Sambal Girl -
56 Sameaya Girl -
57 Sameeh Boy A lenien, forgiving an generous person
58 Sameena Girl A grand forest in paradise
59 Sami Boy on high, exalted
60 Samia Girl exalted
61 Samina Girl She who is plump and happy
62 Samira Girl evening conversationalist
63 Samrah Girl One who has advantage
64 Samreen Girl -
65 Sana Girl brilliant or praise
66 Sanam Girl Beloved
67 Sania Girl A moment in time preserved
68 Saqib Boy -
69 Sara Girl princess
70 Sardar Boy A commander
71 Sardaran Girl -
72 Sarfaraz Boy The blessed one
73 Sarfraz Boy -
74 Sarwar Girl Promotion
75 Sarwari Girl -
76 Sarwat Girl A wealthy one
77 Sataan Girl -
78 Sayed Boy Leader
79 Seema Girl treasure
80 Sehar Girl Erly morning or dawn
81 Sehrish Girl -
82 Server Girl -
83 Sghran Girl -
84 Shabana Girl Belonging to night
85 Shabbir Boy A phrophet's grandson
86 Shabina Girl To be in the eye of the storm
87 Shabinah Girl -
88 Shabir Boy An extremly generous man
89 Shabnam Girl She is like the first morning dew
90 Shadman Boy A happy woman
91 Shafi Boy Raham dil
92 Shafia Girl To recommend something to someone
93 Shafiq Boy compassionate, merciful
94 Shafique Boy -
95 Shafqat Boy -
96 Shaguered Girl -
97 Shagufta Girl Affection, or fresh.
98 Shah Boy A surname meaning King
99 Shahana Girl A woman according to Kings
100 Shahbaz Boy The falcon king, the White Falcon
101 Shaheen Girl One who is liek a royal falcon
102 Shaheena Girl Falcon
103 Shahi / Unisex A rolyal woman
104 Shahid Boy A martyr
105 Shahida Girl One who is considered beautiful
106 Shahidah Girl -
107 Shahin Girl He is like a hawk, a falcon
108 Shahina Girl She is a falconess
109 Shahnawaz Boy Prince
110 Shahnaz Girl king's glory
111 Shahzad Boy son of the king
112 Shahzadi Girl Princess
113 Shaikh Boy A head, a leader
114 Shair Boy -
115 Shaista Girl One who is polite and well-behaved
116 Shakeel Boy handsome
117 Shakeela Girl beautiful
118 Shakilah Girl Beautiful one
119 Shakir Boy grateful
120 Shama Girl A woman who is like a cadle light
121 Shameem Girl A persons scent
122 Shamila Girl An all-understanding one
123 Shamilah Girl A complete woman
124 Shamim Girl An odor, a scent, perfume
125 Shams Boy sun
126 Shamshad Girl A tree that looks like a pine
127 Shan Boy old, wise
128 Sharafat Boy A man of great nobility
129 Sharam Girl -
130 Shareef Boy honored
131 Sharif Boy honored
132 Sharifa Girl honored
133 Sharifaan Girl -
134 Sharqa Girl -
135 Shaukat Boy A poerful and digified individual
136 Shazeh Girl -
137 Shazia Girl One who is exotical or rare
138 Shehbaz Boy -
139 Shehla Girl Dark brown, almost black, goat's eye
140 Shehnaz Girl -
141 Shehzad Boy Prince, or offspring of a king,
142 Shehzada Boy -
143 Shehzadi Girl Persian name meaning princess
144 Sheikh Boy A teacher or a chief
145 Sher Boy dear
146 Sheraz Boy Loving and caring man
147 Shireen Girl A gentle, swwet and pleasant little girl
148 Shirimati Girl -
149 Shoaib Boy The name used by the Prophet
150 Shokat Boy He who hold the power
151 Shoukat Boy -
152 Shumaila Girl The name means soorat
153 Sibran Girl -
154 Siddique Boy A truthful and honest man
155 Sidra Girl of the stars
156 Sikandar Boy Victorious
157 Sikander Boy man's defender or warrior
158 Sima Girl treasure
159 Siraj Boy lamp, light
160 Slam Boy -
161 Sobia Girl A well-dressed woman.
162 Sobiya Girl A name of the Prophet
163 Sobya Girl -
164 Sofia Girl wisdom
165 Sohail Boy Moon-glow
166 Soni Girl A golden ad pretty, but wise woman
167 Sonia Girl wisdom
168 Subhan Boy Aware
169 Sughra Girl She who is small, short
170 Sughran Girl -
171 Sugran Girl -
172 Suleman Boy One who is secure, safe
173 Sultan Boy He is a King, a Sultan. He rules others
174 Sultana Girl The exalted empress
175 Sumaira Girl A woman who is brownish
176 Sumera Girl -
177 Summera Girl -
178 Suraiya Girl -
179 Surayya Girl star
180 Surya Girl sun
181 Syed Boy mister
182 Syeda Girl She who is a mistress
183 Syedah Girl -

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