The Most Popular Bible Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Bible girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Abiah / Unisex God is my father
2 Abigail Girl my father is joy
3 Abijah / Unisex my father is Yahweh
4 Abishag Girl my father strays
5 Abital Girl my father is the night dew
6 Adah Girl adornment
7 Adina / Unisex delicate
8 Agrippa / Unisex born feet first
9 Ahinoam Girl my brother is pleasant
10 Anah / Unisex answer
11 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
12 Apphia Girl increasing
13 Aquila / Unisex eagle
14 Ariel / Unisex lion of God
15 Asenath Girl devoted to the goddess Neith
16 Ashtoreth Girl -
17 Atarah Girl crown
18 Athaliah / Unisex Yahweh is exalted
19 Azubah Girl forsaken
20 Basemath Girl fragrance
21 Bashemath Girl Means 'fragrance, sweet-smelling' in Hebrew.
22 Basmath Girl -
23 Bathsheba Girl daughter of the oath
24 Bernice Girl victory bringer
25 Beulah Girl married
26 Bilhah Girl bashful
27 Bithiah Girl daughter of Yahweh
28 Candace Girl queen mother
29 Chloe Girl green shoot
30 Claudia Girl lame
31 Damaris Girl calf, heifer, girl
32 Deborah Girl bee
33 Delilah Girl delicate, weak, languishing
34 Diklah / Unisex palm grove
35 Dinah Girl judged
36 Dorcas Girl gazelle
37 Drusilla Girl dew or fruitful
38 Edna Girl pleasure
39 Elisabeth Girl God's promise
40 Elisheba Girl One who provides salvation; a God
41 Elizabeth Girl my God is an oath
42 Ephrath Girl fruitful place
43 Esther Girl star
44 Eunice Girl good victory
45 Eve Girl to breathe
46 Gomer / Unisex complete
47 Hadassah Girl myrtle tree
48 Hagar Girl flight
49 Haggith Girl festive
50 Hannah Girl favour, grace
51 Helah Girl rust
52 Hephzibah Girl my delight is in her
53 Hepzibah Girl my delight is in her
54 Herodias Girl to monitor or watch over
55 Hodiah Girl majesty of Yahweh
56 Hosanna Girl deliver us
57 Hulda Girl hiding, secrecy
58 Huldah Girl weasel, mole
59 Iscah Girl to behold
60 Ivah Girl -
61 Jael Girl ibex, mountain goat
62 Jahel Girl -
63 Jedidah Girl beloved, friend
64 Jehosheba Girl Yahweh is an oath
65 Jemima Girl dove
66 Jerusha Girl possession
67 Jescha Girl -
68 Jezebel Girl where is the prince?
69 Joanna Girl God is gracious
70 Jochebed Girl Yahweh is glory
71 Judith Girl Jewish woman
72 Julia Girl youthful or Jove's child
73 Junia Girl Queen of heaven
74 Kandake Girl -
75 Keren-Happuch Girl horn of antimony
76 Keturah Girl incense
77 Kezia Girl cassia tree
78 Keziah Girl cassia, cinnamon
79 Leah Girl weary
80 Lois Girl more desirable
81 Lydia Girl from Lydia
82 Maacah / Unisex to press, to crush
83 Maachah / Unisex -
84 Magdalene Girl of Magdala
85 Mahalath Girl lyre
86 Mahlah / Unisex weak, sick
87 Mara Girl bitter
88 Martha Girl the lady, the mistress
89 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
90 Mehetabel Girl God makes happy
91 Mehitabel Girl God rejoices
92 Merab Girl abundant
93 Micaiah / Unisex who is like Yahweh?
94 Micajah / Unisex who can be sum to God.
95 Michaiah / Unisex A humble person, down to earth
96 Michal Girl brook
97 Milcah Girl queen
98 Miriam Girl wished for child
99 Naamah Girl pleasant
100 Naomi Girl pleasantness

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