The Most Popular Biblical First Names

In the list we have sorted Biblical first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Aaron Boy high mountain
2 Abaddon Boy ruin, destruction
3 Abdiel Boy servant of God
4 Abednego Boy servant of Nebo
5 Abel Boy breath
6 Abiah / Unisex God is my father
7 Abiathar Boy my father abounds
8 Abidan Boy my father is judge
9 Abiel Boy God is my father
10 Abigail Girl my father is joy
11 Abihu Boy he is my father
12 Abijah / Unisex my father is Yahweh
13 Abimael Boy Father sent from God
14 Abimelech Boy my father is king
15 Abiram Boy my father is exalted
16 Abishag Girl my father strays
17 Abishai Boy my father is a gift
18 Abital Girl my father is the night dew
19 Abner Boy my father is a light
20 Abraham Boy father of many
21 Abram Boy high father
22 Absalom Boy my father is peace
23 Achaicus Boy -
24 Achan Boy trouble
25 Achim Boy he will establish
26 Adah Girl adornment
27 Adalia Boy God is my refuge; noble one
28 Adam Boy man
29 Adina / Unisex delicate
30 Adino Boy ornament
31 Adlai Boy God is just
32 Adonijah Boy my lord is Yahweh
33 Adoniram Boy my lord is exalted
34 Adriel Boy flock of God
35 Agrippa / Unisex born feet first
36 Ahab Boy uncle
37 Ahinoam Girl my brother is pleasant
38 Alexander Boy defending men
39 Allon Boy oak
40 Alphaeus Boy changing
41 Alvah Boy his highness
42 Amal Boy work
43 Amariah Boy Yahweh has said
44 Ami Boy trustworthy, reliable
45 Amittai Boy my truth
46 Ammiel Boy God is my kinsman
47 Amnon Boy faithful
48 Amos Boy load, burden
49 Amram Boy exalted nation
50 Anah / Unisex answer
51 Anaiah Boy Yahweh has answered
52 Anan Boy cloud
53 Anani Boy my cloud
54 Ananias Boy -
55 Anath Boy answer
56 Andrew Boy manly, masculine
57 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
58 Annas Boy -
59 Apphia Girl increasing
60 Aquila / Unisex eagle
61 Aran Boy wild goat
62 Archelaus Boy master of the people
63 Areli Boy lion of God, hero
64 Aretas Boy A virtuous human being
65 Aridai Boy -
66 Arieh Boy lion
67 Ariel / Unisex lion of God
68 Artaxerxes Boy righteous ruler
69 Asa Boy healer
70 Asaph Boy collector
71 Asenath Girl devoted to the goddess Neith
72 Asher Boy happy, blessed
73 Ashtoreth Girl -
74 Asnappar Boy -
75 Atarah Girl crown
76 Athaliah / Unisex Yahweh is exalted
77 Azarel Boy God has helped
78 Azariah Boy Yahweh has helped
79 Azazel Boy scapegoat
80 Azaziah Boy Yahweh is strong
81 Azel Boy reserved
82 Azriel Boy my help is God
83 Azubah Girl forsaken
84 Baal Boy -
85 Baal-Zebub Boy -
86 Barak Boy lightning
87 Barnabas Boy son of the prophet
88 Bartholomew Boy son of Talmai
89 Baruch Boy blessed
90 Basemath Girl fragrance
91 Bashemath Girl Means 'fragrance, sweet-smelling' in Hebrew.
92 Basmath Girl -
93 Bathsheba Girl daughter of the oath
94 Beelzebub Boy lord of flies
95 Beelzebul Boy -
96 Belial Boy worthless
97 Belshazzar Boy Baal protect the king
98 Benaiah Boy Yahweh has built
99 Benjamin Boy son of the south
100 Bernice Girl victory bringer

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