The Most Popular Dutch Names

In the list we have sorted Dutch names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Boy Names

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Jan Boy God Is Gracious
2 Peter Boy stone
3 Hans Boy God Is Gracious
4 Rob Boy Bright Fame
5 Henk Boy -
6 Paul Boy small
7 Jeroen Boy Holy Name
8 Frank Boy Free Or From France
9 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
10 John Boy Yahweh is gracious
11 Erik Boy Always Ruler
12 Wim Boy will helmet or protection
13 Mark Boy Warlike
14 Robert Boy bright fame
15 Jos Boy The name Jos means He Will Add
16 Johan Boy God Is Gracious
17 Bart Boy Son Of Tolmai
18 Ronald Boy Counsel Rule
19 Richard Boy brave ruler
20 Rene Boy Reborn
21 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
22 Bert Boy Bright
23 Martijn Boy Soldier
24 Patrick Boy Nobleman
25 Marco Boy Warlike
26 Bas Boy Revered
27 Kees Boy Horn
28 Frans Boy frenchman or free man
29 Michael Boy who is like God?
30 Gerard Boy Brave Spearman
31 Willem Boy With Gilded Helmet
32 Dennis Boy Devotee Of Dionysos
33 Marc Boy Warlike
34 Pieter Boy rock
35 Theo Boy Divine Gift
36 Eric Boy Always Ruler
37 Ron Boy Counsel Rule
38 Ruud Boy famous wolf
39 Ton Boy highly praiseworthy
40 Maarten Boy A perrson who is good at warefare
41 Sander Boy Defender Of The People
42 Edwin Boy Rich/Prosperous Friend
43 Tom Boy Short Form Of Thomas
44 Michel Boy Who Is Like God?
45 Harry Boy Army Ruler
46 Jaap Boy he who supplants
47 Joost Boy Just
48 Andre Boy Manly
49 Ben Boy Short Form Of Benjamin Or Benedict
50 David Boy beloved
51 Tim Boy Short Form Of Timothy
52 Chris Boy Christ-Bearer
53 Fred Boy Peaceful Ruler
54 Piet Boy rock
55 Wouter Boy -
56 Arjan Boy Golden life
57 Niels Boy The triumph of the nation.
58 Leao Boy -
59 Erwin Boy boar friend
60 Vincent Boy prevailing
61 Michiel Boy who resembles God?
62 Stefan Boy Crown
63 Herman Boy army man
64 Rick Boy Powerful; Brave ruler
65 Nico Boy Deity of success or triumph.
66 Dirk Boy They rule people; they are practical
67 Cees Boy -
68 Gerrit Boy spear brave
69 Albert Boy noble and bright
70 Roel Boy famous landowner
71 Alex Boy man's defender, warrior
72 Roy Boy red
73 Dick Boy Dominant ruler
74 Thomas Boy twin
75 Remco Boy oar
76 Gert Boy -
77 Ad Boy earth, son of Adam, God is just, noble or majestic wolf
78 Danny Boy God is my judge
79 Cor Boy -
80 Raymond Boy protecting hands
81 Maurice Boy dark-skinned, Moorish
82 Geert Boy One who is having the power over spear.
83 Ed Boy wealthy spear, protector, guard, friend
84 Leon Boy lion
85 Bob Boy Fame; Bright
86 Joop Boy Jehovah increases
87 Jasper Boy treasurer
88 Bram Boy bramble; a thicket of wild gorse; raven
89 Nick Boy Victory of the people
90 Klaas Boy people of victory
91 Steven Boy Crown; Wreath
92 Koen Boy The Brave Counseler
93 Thijs Boy gift of God
94 Jack Boy God is gracious
95 Jose Boy -
96 Arie Boy lion of God
97 Daan Boy God is a judge
98 Kevin Boy handsome beloved
99 Arno Boy eagle-wolf
100 Danielle Boy God is my Judge

Girl Names

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Monique Girl Advisor
2 Karin Girl Pure
3 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
4 Esther Girl star
5 Linda Girl flexible, soft, mild
6 Petra Girl Rock
7 Yvonne Girl Yew
8 Ellen Girl Light
9 Anne Girl Gracious, Merciful
10 Ingrid Girl Ing's Beauty
11 Marieke Girl A girl with rebellious persona
12 Kim Girl Short Form Of Kimberly Or Kimball
13 Jolanda Girl Violet Flower
14 Saskia Girl Saxon Woman
15 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
16 Jacqueline Girl Supplanter
17 Judith Girl Jewish woman
18 Inge Girl Belonging To Ing
19 Nicole Girl Victory Of The People
20 Anita Girl Gracious, Merciful
21 Laura Girl Laurel
22 Robin Girl Bright Fame
23 Wendy Girl Friend Or Blessed Ring
24 Astrid Girl God's Strength
25 Marjolein Girl Maria+Lina
26 Mirjam Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
27 Anja Girl Gracious, Merciful
28 Patricia Girl Noble
29 Sanne Girl Lily
30 Marijke Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
31 Suzanne Girl Lily
32 Anneke Girl Little Ann
33 Chantal Girl Made Of Stone
34 Els Girl One who loves to experiment
35 Joke Girl Yahweh is merciful
36 Bianca Girl white, pure
37 Simone Girl hear or listen
38 Miranda Girl worthy of admiration
39 Wilma Girl will helmet or protection
40 Joyce Girl lord
41 Carla Girl free man
42 Annemarie Girl He (God) has favored me
43 Caroline Girl free man
44 Maaike Girl -
45 Ineke Girl -
46 Maria Girl star of the sea
47 Hanneke Girl -
48 Mieke Girl the unpleasant or harsh taste.
49 Ria Girl river
50 Marleen Girl woman from Magdala
51 Ilse Girl oath of God
52 Claudia Girl lame
53 Sylvia Girl woods or forest
54 Iris Girl rainbow
55 Irene Girl peace
56 Marion Girl star of the sea
57 Diana Girl heavenly, divine
58 Janneke Girl God's gift
59 Liesbeth Girl I find God in a pledge I made to him
60 Eva Girl life or animal
61 Marian Girl star of the sea and grace
62 Marloes Girl -
63 Martine Girl dedicated to Mars
64 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
65 Angelique Girl messenger of God
66 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
67 Tineke Girl follower of Christ
68 Marjan Girl small pearls
69 Manon Girl wished for child
70 Mariska Girl star of the sea
71 Anouk Girl He (God) has favored me
72 Marja Girl star of the sea
73 Jessica Girl He sees
74 Annelies Girl A loving, caring human being
75 Nathalie Girl birthday
76 Femke Girl A little gil
77 Angela Girl messenger; messenger of God
78 Loes Girl Superior fighter
79 Henny Girl -
80 Charlotte Girl free man
81 Rianne Girl great queen, or goddess; king
82 Cindy Girl -
83 Sabine Girl a member of an ancient Italian people called Sabines
84 Marlies Girl -
85 Lisa Girl God's promise
86 Leonie Girl lion
87 Annemieke Girl -
88 Gerda Girl shelter
89 Lisette Girl God's promise
90 Tessa Girl fourth child
91 Sonja Girl wisdom
92 Nienke Girl pure
93 Susan Girl lily
94 Annette Girl -
95 Tamara Girl date palm
96 Evelien Girl a Latin word which has the meaning life.
97 Marije Girl -
98 Stephanie Girl crown or garland
99 Heleen Girl -
100 Anke Girl He (God) has favored me

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