The Most Popular Filipino Names

In the list we have sorted Filipino names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Boy Names

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 John Boy Yahweh is gracious
2 Jose Boy -
3 Mark Boy Warlike
4 Michael Boy who is like God?
5 Joel Boy Yahweh is God
6 Romeo Boy A settler, a wayfarer to Rome
7 Antonio Boy Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
8 Reynaldo Boy ruler's advisor
9 Rolando Boy renowned land
10 Danilo Boy God is my judge
11 Joseph Boy he will add
12 Richard Boy brave ruler
13 Rogelio Boy famous spearman
14 Eduardo Boy wealthy guard
15 Roberto Boy bright fame
16 Ronald Boy Counsel Rule
17 Rodolfo Boy A notable and legendary wolf
18 Ernesto Boy serious or battle to the death
19 Mario Boy manly
20 Edwin Boy Rich/Prosperous Friend
21 Alfredo Boy elf or magical counsel
22 Noel Boy Christmas
23 Ricardo Boy powerful leader
24 Jonathan Boy Yahweh has given
25 Allan Boy precious
26 Francisco Boy frenchman
27 Arnel Boy eagle ruler
28 Marlon Boy A small falcon
29 Renato Boy ruler's advisor
30 Jerry Boy -
31 Jeffrey Boy Divinely peaceful
32 Manuel Boy God is among us
33 Ryan Boy king
34 Alvin Boy elf or magical being, friend
35 Fernando Boy adventurer
36 Christopher Boy bearing Christ
37 Ariel Boy lion of God
38 Jaime Boy He is a supplanter,
39 Christian Boy follower of Christ
40 Dennis Boy Devotee Of Dionysos
41 Jesus Boy the Lord is salvation
42 Jayson Boy the healer
43 Edgar Boy wealthy spear
44 Randy Boy -
45 Alberto Boy noble, bright, and famous
46 Robert Boy bright fame
47 Jimmy Boy he who supplants
48 Rey Boy kings
49 Marvin Boy sea friend
50 Pedro Boy rock
51 Arnold Boy eagle power
52 Elmer Boy noble, famous
53 Wilfredo Boy desiring peace
54 Rodrigo Boy One who is acclaimed for his rule
55 Roger Boy famous spearman
56 Nestor Boy returner, homecomer
57 Vicente Boy prevailing
58 Nelson Boy Champion
59 Jessie Boy He sees
60 Leonardo Boy lion strength
61 Ricky Boy powerful leader; peaceful ruler
62 Domingo Boy lord
63 Rodel Boy A legendary, acclaimed King
64 Edgardo Boy wealthy spear
65 Ruben Boy Hebrew meaning "Behold my son"
66 Benjamin Boy son of the south
67 Armando Boy soldier
68 Felix Boy lucky, successful
69 Ramon Boy -
70 Virgilio Boy Staff bearer
71 Alex Boy man's defender, warrior
72 Albert Boy noble and bright
73 Efren Boy fruitful
74 Erwin Boy boar friend
75 Gilbert Boy bright pledge
76 Anthony Boy -
77 Ronnie Boy mountain of strength or ruler's counselor
78 Jay Boy blue crested bird
79 Rommel Boy -
80 Joselito Boy Jehovah increases
81 Julius Boy downy-bearded
82 Victor Boy champion
83 Ruel Boy friend of God
84 Juanito Boy God is gracious
85 Alexander Boy defending men
86 Rene Boy Reborn
87 Henry Boy home ruler
88 Cesar Boy head of hair
89 Eric Boy Always Ruler
90 Salvador Boy savior
91 Dominador Boy -
92 Ramil Boy -
93 Carlito Boy manly
94 Francis Boy frenchman; free man
95 Daniel Boy God is my judge
96 Joey Boy Jehovah increases
97 Dante Boy lasting, enduring
98 James Boy he who supplants
99 Juan Boy God is gracious
100 Alejandro Boy man's defender, warrior

Girl Names

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
2 Maria Girl star of the sea
3 Jocelyn Girl a member of the German tribe, the Gauts
4 Teresita Girl late summer
5 Maricel Girl dedicated to Mars
6 Evelyn Girl life
7 Josephine Girl Jehovah increases
8 Marilyn Girl star of the sea
9 Rowena Girl fame and happiness
10 Erlinda Girl spirited
11 Jennifer Girl fair one
12 Marites Girl A lady of the sea
13 Gina Girl Queen
14 Michelle Girl who resembles God
15 Elizabeth Girl my God is an oath
16 Marilou Girl A rebellious battle
17 Gloria Girl glory
18 Virginia Girl maid, virgin
19 Rosemarie Girl dew of the sea
20 Arlene Girl pledge, promise
21 Lolita Girl sorrows
22 Analyn Girl -
23 Norma Girl the standard or norm
24 Alma Girl nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned
25 Helen Girl torch
26 Cristina Girl anointed, Christian
27 Myrna Girl beloved
28 Imelda Girl universal battle
29 Lourdes Girl French town
30 Irene Girl peace
31 Corazon Girl heart
32 Rosita Girl rose
33 Ana Girl favored grace
34 Evangeline Girl good news
35 Marissa Girl of the sea
36 Joan Girl God is gracious
37 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
38 Gemma Girl gem or jewel
39 Marivic Girl -
40 Lorna Girl laurel
41 Grace Girl favor or blessing
42 Rosalie Girl rose garden
43 Julie Girl youthful or Jove's child
44 Vilma Girl determined protector
45 Nenita Girl favored grace
46 Zenaida Girl belonging to Zeus
47 Catherine Girl pure
48 Edna Girl pleasure
49 Melanie Girl black or dark-skinned
50 Susan Girl lily
51 Rose Girl rose
52 Fe Girl loyalty; belief
53 Jenny Girl fair one
54 Rosalinda Girl gentle horse
55 Cherry Girl cherry fruit
56 Maribel Girl star of the sea and beautiful
57 Emma Girl whole
58 Remedios Girl remedy or help
59 Josefina Girl the Lord adds; Jehovah increases
60 Joy Girl joy
61 Lilia Girl lily
62 Anita Girl Gracious, Merciful
63 Milagros Girl miracles
64 Lydia Girl from Lydia
65 Rebecca Girl join, tie, snare
66 Emily Girl rival, laborious, or eager
67 Daisy Girl day's eye
68 Sarah Girl lady, princess, noblewoman
69 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
70 Janice Girl God is gracious
71 Rosario Girl rosary
72 Carmelita Girl garden or orchard
73 Victoria Girl victory
74 Delia Girl of Delos
75 Julieta Girl youthful; love's child
76 Editha Girl strife for wealth
77 Cecilia Girl blind; sixth
78 Christine Girl follower of Christ
79 Aida Girl reward, present
80 Yolanda Girl violet flower
81 Rosalina Girl gentle horse
82 Jessica Girl He sees
83 Jean Girl God is gracious
84 Alicia Girl noble, exalted
85 Leonora Girl compassion or light
86 Violeta Girl purple
87 Liza Girl God's promise
88 Elsa Girl God's promise or God is my oath
89 Raquel Girl innocent
90 Aileen Girl Light
91 Karen Girl pure
92 Analiza Girl -
93 Lea Girl delicate; weary; meadow or pasture
94 Wilma Girl will helmet or protection
95 Marlyn Girl A blend of Marie and Lyn
96 Marie Girl star of the sea
97 Judith Girl Jewish woman
98 Jovelyn Girl -
99 Susana Girl lily
100 Nancy Girl grace

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