The Most Popular Finnish First Names

In the list we have sorted Finnish first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Matti Boy lady; mistress of the house; mighty in battle
2 Timo Boy God's honor
3 Juha Boy Gift from God
4 Kari Boy free man
5 Pekka Boy rock
6 Jari Boy A fight or a quarrel
7 Jukka Boy -
8 Markku Boy Finnish variation of the name Mark
9 Antti Boy -
10 Mikko Boy gift from God
11 Hannu Boy -
12 Heikki Boy -
13 Leena Girl light
14 Seppo Boy smith
15 Tuula Girl Blowing or monsoon.
16 Mika Boy lord; who resembles God?; three trees together; quick, nimble
17 Päivi Girl A wonderful day; beautiful begining
18 Ritva Girl The branch of the tree
19 Anne Girl Gracious, Merciful
20 Pirjo Girl -
21 Riitta Girl -
22 Ari Boy eagle
23 Pentti Boy -
24 Erkki Boy Finnish word meaning ruler of all.
25 Liisa Girl I find my God in an Oath
26 Sari Girl princess
27 Pirkko Girl -
28 Minna Girl will helmet or protection
29 Tiina Girl From the river
30 Tarja Girl Upholder of good
31 Janne Boy God is gracious
32 Marja Girl star of the sea
33 Petri Boy One who is like rock
34 Jorma Boy Farmer
35 Marko Boy dedicated to Mars
36 Anja Girl Gracious, Merciful
37 Seija Girl A cloudless sky
38 Raija Girl One who radiates light
39 Sirpa Girl -
40 Eila Girl tree
41 Raimo Boy Protector of advice
42 Risto Boy One who hears the Christ
43 Sami Boy on high, exalted
44 Harri Boy Home rular German Variant in Finnish
45 Eija Girl -
46 Eeva Girl life, animal
47 Jaana Girl Saint
48 Jarmo Boy Uplifted by God
49 Merja Girl The holy mother Mary, virgin Mary
50 Pertti Boy -
51 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
52 Arja Girl Divine; Religious;
53 Ville Boy -
54 Kirsi Girl Amaranth blossoms
55 Martti Boy Dedicated to Mars; Like Mars; War Like
56 Johanna Girl God is gracious
57 Reijo Boy An alert and always watchful person
58 Eero Boy One who is an eternal ruler
59 Satu Girl fairy tale
60 Sirkka Girl -
61 Helena Girl shining light
62 Ulla Girl will or determination
63 Sanna Girl means true
64 Maija Girl A woman of rebellious nature
65 Pasi Boy Name given to a king
66 Esa Boy -
67 Jani Boy Gift from God
68 Esko Boy -
69 Lauri Boy laurel or sweet bay tree; symbol of victory
70 Hanna Girl He (God) has favored me
71 Jaakko Boy -
72 Jussi Boy Jussi name means Yahwe is Gracious
73 Arto Boy bear or rock
74 Jouko Boy -
75 Paula Girl small
76 Jouni Boy -
77 Veikko Boy -
78 Juhani Boy -
79 Heidi Girl nobility
80 Vesa Boy -
81 Raili Girl An ewe
82 Terttu Girl A bunch of berries
83 Laura Girl Laurel
84 Teemu Boy People of victory
85 Maria Girl star of the sea
86 Hilkka Girl -
87 Elina Girl sun ray
88 Kimmo Boy One who is raised by God
89 Aino Girl the only one
90 Kirsti Girl follower of Christ
91 Anneli Girl -
92 Olli Boy The sprite combatant or fairy fighter.
93 Tapio Boy One who rules the forest
94 Heli Girl Ascending, climbing up, shinning
95 Kaija Girl life
96 Mirja Girl drop of the sea, exalted one
97 Katja Girl Neat, Natural, Pure
98 Mari Girl donation
99 Sinikka Girl One who is like the color blue
100 Tero Boy A manly warrior

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