The Most Popular French Boy Names

In the list we have sorted French boy names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Jean Boy God is gracious
2 Michel Boy Who Is Like God?
3 Claude Boy lame
4 Philippe Boy horse lover
5 Francis Boy frenchman; free man
6 Pierre Boy One who is tough as a rock
7 Alain Boy Rock
8 Bernard Boy strong, brave bear
9 Andre Boy Manly
10 Patrick Boy Nobleman
11 Daniel Boy God is my judge
12 Jacques Boy -
13 Christian Boy follower of Christ
14 Eric Boy Always Ruler
15 Thierry Boy Ruler of the people
16 Christophe Boy bearing Christ
17 Laurent Boy from Laurentum
18 Pascal Boy Easter child
19 Rene Boy Reborn
20 Joseph Boy he will add
21 Olivier Boy olive tree
22 Nicolas Boy people of victory
23 Robert Boy bright fame
24 Jean-Pierre Boy God is merciful; God is Gracious
25 David Boy beloved
26 Roger Boy famous spearman
27 Guy Boy wood
28 Jean-Claude Boy -
29 Didier Boy much-desired
30 Bruno Boy armour, protection
31 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
32 Marc Boy Warlike
33 Yves Boy yew
34 Georges Boy farmer
35 Serge Boy servant
36 Julien Boy Jove's child
37 Paul Boy small
38 Henri Boy home ruler
39 Vincent Boy prevailing
40 Stephane Boy crown
41 Maurice Boy dark-skinned, Moorish
42 Louis Boy famous warrior
43 Franck Boy from France or free one
44 Frederic Boy peaceful ruler
45 Sebastien Boy From Sebaste
46 Denis Boy -
47 Raymond Boy protecting hands
48 Gilles Boy small goat or servant of Jesus
49 Guillaume Boy will helmet, protection
50 Gerard Boy Brave Spearman
51 Jean-Paul Boy -
52 Francois Boy frenchman or free man
53 Sylvain Boy He who is a man of the forest
54 Thomas Boy twin
55 Jean-Louis Boy -
56 Roland Boy renowned land
57 Charles Boy free man
58 Alexandre Boy man's defender or warrior
59 Jean-Luc Boy -
60 Antoine Boy -
61 Jean-Marie Boy -
62 Lucien Boy light or from Lucanus
63 Benoit Boy blessed
64 Arnaud Boy Eagle power; one who is powerful and majestic
65 Ludovic Boy famous warrior or famous fighter
66 Jean-Marc Boy God is gracious, manly
67 Patrice Boy noble or patrician
68 Gilbert Boy bright pledge
69 Lionel Boy lion
70 Richard Boy brave ruler
71 Yannick Boy God is gracious
72 Mathieu Boy gift of God
73 Albert Boy noble and bright
74 Fabrice Boy works with the hands
75 Mickael Boy the very expensive skills from God.
76 Emmanuel Boy God is with us
77 Cyril Boy master, lord
78 Jean-Fran Boy -
79 Jean-Michel Boy -
80 Jerome Boy sacred name
81 Jean-Jacques Boy -
82 Manuel Boy God is among us
83 Joel Boy Yahweh is God
84 Yann Boy God is gracious
85 Xavier Boy bright; splendid; new house
86 Hubert Boy bright heart
87 Jean-Yves Boy -
88 Jose Boy -
89 Anthony Boy -
90 Romain Boy citizen of Rome
91 Antonio Boy Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
92 Fabien Boy bean grower
93 Adrien Boy from Hadria
94 William Boy will helmet, protection
95 Damien Boy tame, subdue
96 Jacky Boy son of Jack, he who supplants, or God is gracious
97 Bertrand Boy -
98 Maxime Boy greatest
99 Yvon Boy yew
100 Herve Boy eager for battle or strong and worthy

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