The Most Popular German First Names

In the list we have sorted German first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Peter Boy stone
2 Michael Boy who is like God?
3 Wolfgang Boy traveling wolf
4 Thomas Boy twin
5 Klaus Boy The People's VIctory
6 Werner Boy army defender
7 Manfred Boy man of peace
8 Ursula Girl little she-bear
9 Maria Girl star of the sea
10 Hans Boy God Is Gracious
11 Heinz Boy Household Ruler
12 Andreas Boy man
13 Jürgen Boy Jurgen is a German name and means Farmer
14 Monika Girl advisor; unique
15 Helmut Boy helmet
16 Gerhard Boy spear-hard, spear brave, or spear ruler
17 Petra Girl Rock
18 Günter Boy -
19 Renate Girl reborn
20 Helga Girl holy or sacred
21 Karin Girl Pure
22 Dieter Boy army of the people
23 Horst Boy thicket
24 Sabine Girl a member of an ancient Italian people called Sabines
25 Brigitte Girl A solid, firm, strong woman
26 Josef Boy Jehovah increases
27 Ingrid Girl Ing's Beauty
28 Elisabeth Girl God's promise
29 Frank Boy Free Or From France
30 Andrea Girl manly, virile
31 Gisela Girl pledge or hostage
32 Walter Boy ruler of the army
33 Bernd Boy strong and brave bear
34 Erika Girl forever or alone
35 Karl Boy free man
36 Christa Girl follower of Christ
37 Claudia Girl lame
38 Herbert Boy illustrious warrior
39 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
40 Birgit Girl exalted one
41 Christine Girl follower of Christ
42 Susanne Girl lily
43 Christian Boy follower of Christ
44 Stefan Boy Crown
45 Heike Girl home ruler
46 Franz Boy frenchman or free man
47 Elke Girl noble
48 Uwe Boy Point, edge
49 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
50 Karl-Heinz Boy -
51 Martina Girl dedicated to Mars
52 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
53 Inge Girl Belonging To Ing
54 Hildegard Girl battle stronghold
55 Georg Boy farmer
56 Heinrich Boy home ruler
57 Hermann Boy soldier
58 Angelika Girl messenger of God
59 Rudolf Boy famous wolf
60 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
61 Ute Girl -
62 Rolf Boy He is a legendary wolf among men
63 Doris Girl Dorian woman
64 Kurt Boy Courteous, polite; wolf
65 Siegfried Boy peace of victory
66 Rainer Boy deciding warrior
67 Joachim Boy established by God
68 Johann Boy God is gracious
69 Irmgard Girl complete, universal
70 Hannelore Girl He (God) has favored me
71 Gertrud Girl strong spear
72 Ralf Boy wolf counsel
73 Ulrike Girl mistress of all
74 Kerstin Girl follower of Christ
75 Jutta Girl Jewish
76 Norbert Boy northern brightness
77 Wilhelm Boy will helmet
78 Bernhard Boy strong and brave bear
79 Markus Boy dedicated to Mars
80 Jörg Boy Earth Worker
81 Alfred Boy elf or magical counsel
82 Matthias Boy gift of God
83 Alexander Boy defending men
84 Ruth Girl friend
85 Anja Girl Gracious, Merciful
86 Ulrich Boy prosperity and power
87 Willi Boy will helmet
88 Erich Boy ever or eternal ruler
89 Gerda Girl shelter
90 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
91 Christel Girl follower of Christ or ice
92 Elfriede Girl elf
93 Rita Girl pearl
94 Anneliese Girl graced with God's bounty
95 Waltraud Girl Rule strength
96 Harald Boy army ruler
97 Roland Boy renowned land
98 Marion Girl star of the sea
99 Edith Girl strife for wealth
100 Reinhard Boy brave counsel

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