The Most Popular Hindi Boy Names

In the list we have sorted Hindi boy names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Ram Boy exalted
2 Mohammed Boy praiseworthy
3 Sri Boy -
4 Santosh Boy Happiness
5 Sanjay Boy conquering, triumphant
6 Sunil Boy deep dark blue
7 Rajesh Boy lord of kings
8 Ramesh Boy Ruler of Rama
9 Ashok Boy Without sorrow
10 Manoj Boy One who is born of mind
11 Anil Boy air, wind
12 Suresh Boy Sun
13 Vijay Boy conquering
14 Mo Boy saviour
15 Abdul Boy servant
16 Mohammad Boy praiseworthy
17 Raju Boy King; Prince; Ruler; Monarch
18 Vinod Boy -
19 Rajendra Boy lord of kings
20 Raj Boy king
21 Dinesh Boy lord of the day; sun
22 Rakesh Boy ruler of the full moon
23 Krishna Boy black, dark
24 Dilip Boy They are the one who protect others
25 Ajay Boy -
26 Mukesh Boy A name of Lord Shiva. It means cupid
27 Amit Boy comrade, friend
28 Shankar Boy Name of Lord Shiva
29 Mohan Boy A Gift from the Almighty God
30 Ravi Boy sun
31 Ganesh Boy lord of the throngs
32 Gopal Boy -
33 Arun Boy dawn; sun
34 Rama / Unisex wife
35 Shiv Boy Lord shiva, auspicious, lucky
36 Rahul Boy able, efficient
37 Mahesh Boy great ruler
38 Jitendra Boy Conqueror of Indra
39 Kamal / Unisex perfection, perfect
40 Prakash Boy light
41 Surendra Boy lord of gods
42 Mahendra Boy Name of Lord Indra
43 Pa Boy A fragrant and beautiful flower
44 Pramod Boy delight
45 Subhash Boy Soft spoken
46 Narayan Boy The resting place of all living species
47 Pradip Boy One who is like a ligh or a lantern
48 Prem / Unisex lovable, affectionate
49 Ranjit Boy influenced by charm
50 Umesh Boy -
51 A Boy -
52 Ravindra Boy lord of the sun
53 Dipak Boy little lamp
54 Pankaj Boy -
55 Naresh Boy The king of the Kings
56 Shyam Boy Dark blue, black
57 Ka Boy Pure and Torture
58 Babu Boy -
59 Arjun Boy white
60 Kailash Boy The name means One who Bestows Peace
61 Satish Boy sunrise
62 Bharat Boy India, universal monarch
63 Deepak Boy little lamp
64 Ca Boy -
65 Sandeep Boy A lighted lamp
66 Hari Boy brown, yellow, tawny
67 Madan Boy An Indian name for Cupid, God of Love
68 Ajit Boy -
69 Raja Boy king
70 Chandra Boy moon
71 Sachin Boy A person who is pure
72 Pavan Boy -
73 Sandip Boy One who is enlightened
74 Virendra Boy -
75 Venkata Boy -
76 Narendra Boy The monarch of the men
77 Manish Boy One who is the lord of the mind
78 Kamalesh Boy The Preserver
79 Chandan Boy moon or light
80 Mangal / Unisex One who is auspicious
81 Amar Boy Long Life
82 Munna Boy -
83 Vikas Boy -
84 Ma Boy The heights
85 Ashish Boy Blessing from the elderly
86 Dharmendra Boy Lord of religion
87 Rohit Boy -
88 Om Boy -
89 Ratan Boy jewel
90 Sonu Boy Beloved or familiar with gold.
91 Sushil Boy Good characted man
92 Suraj Boy He who is a good King
93 Sudhir Boy Resolute, brave
94 Uttam Boy The best from the rest.
95 Pappu Boy An innocent and sweet natured person
96 Anand Boy -
97 Rajakumar Boy -
98 Jagadish Boy He is the God of this universe
99 Govind Boy the cow finder
100 Laxman Boy A person with the mars of luck

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