The Most Popular Hungarian First Names

In the list we have sorted Hungarian first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 László Boy A Ruler who is idolized and adored
2 István Boy -
3 József Boy -
4 János Boy God has shown favor
5 Zoltán Boy Ruler or sultan
6 Katalin Girl pure
7 Ferenc Boy free man
8 Éva Girl life or living one.
9 Sándor Boy -
10 Mária Girl -
11 Gábor Boy God is my strength and might.
12 Andrea Girl manly, virile
13 Zsuzsanna Girl Lily
14 Judit Girl from Judea; Jewish; praise
15 Erzsébet Girl someone who is devoted to god.
16 Ildikó Girl -
17 Ágnes Girl A chaste woman
18 Tibor Boy sacred place
19 Attila Boy little father
20 Tamás Boy Darkness
21 Péter Boy One who is a rock and a stone
22 Krisztina Girl follower of Christ
23 Zsolt Boy one who is honored
24 Lajos Boy Famos Holiness
25 Erika Girl forever or alone
26 András Boy -
27 Mónika Girl -
28 Ilona Girl light
29 Imre Boy -
30 Gabriella Girl heroine of God
31 Szilvia Girl -
32 Csaba Boy A gift sent fom heaven
33 György Boy -
34 Edit Girl Joyous; wealthy gift from a ruler
35 Károly Boy The name Karoly means Strong Man
36 Mihály Boy -
37 Béla Boy Time; one who lives inside heart
38 Anita Girl Gracious, Merciful
39 Anikó Girl -
40 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
41 Gyula Boy Hungarian royal title
42 Miklós Boy -
43 Márta Girl -
44 Tímea Girl Cheerfulness or the good spirits
45 Róbert Boy -
46 Eszter Girl a Hungarian word meaning star.
47 Csilla Girl defenses
48 Tünde Girl A small being or human in form.
49 Beáta Girl One Who Brings Joy
50 Pál Boy -
51 Margit Girl pearl
52 Balázs Boy -
53 Marianna Girl star of the sea
54 Antal Boy break of day
55 Rita Girl pearl
56 Viktória Girl Croatian form of Victoria, meaning victory.
57 Melinda Girl sweet
58 Magdolna Girl woman from Magdala
59 Edina Girl from Edinburgh
60 Ibolya Girl -
61 Hajnalka Girl -
62 Adrienn Girl From hadria
63 Orsolya Girl little female bear
64 Julianna Girl Youthful; Jove's child
65 Veronika Girl victory bringer; true image
66 Renáta Girl -
67 Klára Girl The Clear, Bright One
68 Irén Girl -
69 Gyöngyi Girl -
70 Enikő Girl a young female deer.
71 Dóra Girl God's gift on Earth
72 Norbert Boy northern brightness
73 Bernadett Girl strong, brave bear
74 Annamária Girl -
75 Krisztián Boy -
76 Nóra Girl -
77 Géza Boy Button which used to fasten dress or cloths.
78 Brigitta Girl exalted one
79 Szabolcs Boy -
80 Árpád Boy The Light of Redemption; Wanderer
81 Zsófia Girl Wisdom
82 Alexandra Girl man's defender
83 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
84 Nikolett Girl The person who is ingenuous.
85 Kálmán Boy Strong and Masculine
86 Ádám Boy Man, earth
87 Piroska Girl ancient
88 Anett Girl He (God) has favored me
89 Zita Girl seeker
90 Mariann Girl star of the sea
91 Emese Girl this name means mother.
92 Nikoletta Girl people of victory
93 Dániel Boy A Prophet
94 Gergely Boy Hungarian form of Gregory (vigilant).
95 Viktor Boy champion
96 Jenő Boy -
97 Ernő Boy -
98 Valéria Girl To be strong
99 Beatrix Girl voyager (through life)
100 Réka Girl A mighty, distinguished person

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