The Most Popular Italian First Names

In the list we have sorted Italian first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Maria Girl star of the sea
2 Giuseppe Boy -
3 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
4 Giovanni Boy God is gracious
5 Antonio Boy Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
6 Francesco Boy frenchman or free man
7 Andrea Boy manly, virile
8 Luigi Boy famous warrior
9 Mario Boy manly
10 Rosa Girl rose
11 Salvatore Boy savior
12 Angela Girl messenger; messenger of God
13 Vincenzo Boy prevailing
14 Roberto Boy bright fame
15 Paolo Boy small
16 Giovanna Girl God is gracious
17 Giuseppina Girl the Lord adds
18 Marco Boy Warlike
19 Angelo Boy messenger or messenger of God
20 Francesca Girl from France
21 Domenico Boy lord
22 Paola Girl small
23 Pietro Boy rock
24 Michele Boy who resembles God?
25 Lucia Girl light
26 Franco Boy frenchman or free man
27 Alessandro Boy man's defender or warrior
28 Carlo Boy free man
29 Stefano Boy crown
30 Laura Girl Laurel
31 Carmela Girl garden or orchard
32 Teresa Girl late summer
33 Massimo Boy greatest
34 Daniela Girl God is my Judge
35 Nicola Boy people of victory
36 Giorgio Boy farmer
37 Bruno Boy armour, protection
38 Rita Girl pearl
39 Maurizio Boy dark-skinned or Moorish
40 Caterina Girl Pure
41 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
42 Luciano Boy light
43 Alberto Boy noble, bright, and famous
44 Patrizia Girl noble; patrician
45 Luca Boy bringer of light
46 Antonietta Girl priceless
47 Pasquale Boy Easter child
48 Carla Girl free man
49 Mauro Boy dark-skinned or Moorish
50 Sergio Boy servant, attendant
51 Fabio Boy He who owns a bean farm
52 Antonella Girl -
53 Claudio Boy lame
54 Giuseppa Girl the Lord adds
55 Enrico Boy home ruler
56 Concetta Girl -
57 Franca Girl Refers to a won who is of French origin
58 Antonino Boy highly praiseworthy
59 Antonia Girl A beautiful human being who are praiseworthy
60 Raffaele Boy God heals
61 Giancarlo Boy God's manly gift
62 Silvana Girl woodland or forest
63 Alessandra Girl defender of mankind
64 Cristina Girl anointed, Christian
65 Stefania Girl crown
66 Gabriella Girl heroine of God
67 Simone Boy hear or listen
68 Daniele Boy God is my Judge
69 Roberta Girl bright fame
70 Vittorio Boy champion
71 Aldo Boy old
72 Lorenzo Boy someone from laurentum
73 Renato Boy ruler's advisor
74 Mária / Unisex -
75 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
76 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
77 Gaetano Boy from Caieta
78 António / Unisex Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
79 Grazia Girl favor; blessing
80 Luisa Girl Renowned Warrior
81 Elisabetta Girl God's promise
82 Margherita Girl pearl
83 Fabrizio Boy works with the hands
84 Davide Boy beloved
85 Gianfranco Boy God is gracious and free
86 Luciana Girl light
87 Filomena Girl beloved
88 Marisa Girl of the sea
89 Vito Boy life-giving
90 Riccardo Boy powerful leader
91 Matteo Boy gift of God
92 Silvia Girl woods or forest
93 Vincenza Girl prevailing
94 Rosaria Girl rosary
95 Rosanna Girl A gift and a grace of a rose flower
96 Chiara Girl bright, famous
97 Giuliana Girl youthful
98 Marina Girl from the sea
99 Bruna Girl brown-skinned, brown-haired
100 Giacomo Boy Italian name meaning to replace

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