The Most Popular Italian Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Italian girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Maria Girl star of the sea
2 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
3 Rosa Girl rose
4 Angela Girl messenger; messenger of God
5 Giovanna Girl God is gracious
6 Giuseppina Girl the Lord adds
7 Francesca Girl from France
8 Paola Girl small
9 Lucia Girl light
10 Laura Girl Laurel
11 Carmela Girl garden or orchard
12 Teresa Girl late summer
13 Daniela Girl God is my Judge
14 Rita Girl pearl
15 Caterina Girl Pure
16 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
17 Patrizia Girl noble; patrician
18 Antonietta Girl priceless
19 Carla Girl free man
20 Antonella Girl -
21 Giuseppa Girl the Lord adds
22 Concetta Girl -
23 Franca Girl Refers to a won who is of French origin
24 Antonia Girl A beautiful human being who are praiseworthy
25 Silvana Girl woodland or forest
26 Alessandra Girl defender of mankind
27 Cristina Girl anointed, Christian
28 Stefania Girl crown
29 Gabriella Girl heroine of God
30 Roberta Girl bright fame
31 Mária / Unisex -
32 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
33 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
34 António / Unisex Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
35 Grazia Girl favor; blessing
36 Luisa Girl Renowned Warrior
37 Elisabetta Girl God's promise
38 Margherita Girl pearl
39 Luciana Girl light
40 Filomena Girl beloved
41 Marisa Girl of the sea
42 Silvia Girl woods or forest
43 Vincenza Girl prevailing
44 Rosaria Girl rosary
45 Rosanna Girl A gift and a grace of a rose flower
46 Chiara Girl bright, famous
47 Giuliana Girl youthful
48 Marina Girl from the sea
49 Bruna Girl brown-skinned, brown-haired
50 Elisa Girl God's promise
51 Adriana Girl from Hadria
52 Giulia Girl youthful
53 Graziella Girl favor; blessing
54 Domenica Girl lord
55 Tiziana Girl giant
56 Assunta Girl Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)
57 Simona Girl hear, listen
58 Luigia Girl Italian name for mighty warrior
59 Valentina Girl strong or healthy
60 Annamaria Girl -
61 Cinzia Girl from Mount Kynthos
62 Claudia Girl lame
63 Emanuela Girl God is with us
64 Michela Girl who resembles God?
65 Sara Girl princess
66 Nadia Girl hope
67 Liliana Girl lily
68 Loredana Girl -
69 Federica Girl peaceful ruler
70 Raffaella Girl God heals
71 Ida Girl work, labour
72 Manuela Girl God is with us
73 Mirella Girl wonderful; peace; propserous; worthy of admiration
74 Lidia Girl from Lydia
75 Maddalena Girl Woman who comes from the tower
76 Cláudio / Unisex Crippled; one who cannot walk; lame
77 Lina Girl palm tree
78 Sílvia / Unisex Wooded, forest
79 Sabrina Girl from the river Severn
80 Donatella Girl Beautiful Gift of God
81 Emilia Girl rival, laborious, or eager
82 Antonina Girl priceless
83 Sonia Girl wisdom
84 Vittoria Girl victory
85 Annunziata Girl An announcement to the public
86 Angelina Girl messenger of God
87 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
88 Nicoletta Girl The champions of the warriors
89 Marta Girl lady; mistress of the house; dedicated to Mars
90 Eleonora Girl sun ray
91 Isabella Girl God's promise
92 Renata Girl reborn
93 Pierina Girl Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra
94 Clara Girl bright, famous
95 Rosalia Girl rose
96 Ivana Girl God is gracious
97 Marianna Girl star of the sea
98 Ornella Girl flowering ash tree
99 Adele Girl noble
100 Rosina Girl rose; gentle horse

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