The Most Popular Medieval Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Medieval girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Aalis Girl A form of Alice, meaning noble.
2 Aldith Girl seasoned warrior
3 Aldreda Girl Old
4 Aldus / Unisex old one or elder
5 Amée Girl A beloved
6 Amice Girl friend
7 Běla Girl white
8 Bogdana Girl God's gift
9 Borna / Unisex fight, battle
10 Bozhena Girl Divine
11 Cateline Girl pure
12 Desislava Girl Glory or finding glory
13 Diot Girl follower of Dionysius
14 Dragoslava Girl Precious glory
15 Dubravka Girl An oak grove.
16 Dye Girl Who is divine like a Godess
17 Eda Girl strife for wealth
18 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
19 Etheldred Girl Noble strength
20 Etheldreda Girl noble strength
21 Hawise Girl -
22 Ibb Girl Noble strength
23 Inna Girl Ukrainian term for fast flowing stream.
24 Isabeau Girl God's promise
25 Isabel Girl God's promise
26 Iseut Girl Iron battle
27 Jehanne Girl God has shown his tender mercy upon me.
28 Jocosa Girl joking
29 Johanne Girl God is gracious
30 Kinborough Girl The name means Royal Fortress
31 Lyuba Girl dear; graceful people
32 Lyubov Girl love
33 Lyudmila Girl graceful people
34 Malle Girl A desired, wished for child
35 Matty Girl mighty in battle
36 Meggy Girl pearl
37 Melisende Girl -
38 Mila Girl gracious, dear
39 Milada Girl gracious, dear
40 Mileva Girl gracious, dear
41 Militsa Girl -
42 Milka Girl gracious, dear
43 Miloslava Girl Favor, or glory
44 Mira Girl peace
45 Miroslava Girl peaceful glory
46 Molle Girl A form of Mary, meaning bitter.
47 Muriel Girl sparkling or shining sea
48 Oriana Girl sunrise
49 Rada Girl happy, willing
50 Radana Girl happy, willing
51 Radoslava Girl happy
52 Rohese Girl A legendary female horse
53 Rohesia Girl A woman who is like a famous horse
54 Rosa Girl rose
55 Royse Girl A noble-born rose girl
56 Sence Girl Saintly, holy
57 Sens Girl He who is saint-like
58 Slava / Unisex glory
59 Slavitsa Girl Glory
60 Stace / Unisex resurrection
61 Stanislava Girl A woman who achives fame
62 Sunnifa Girl Sun gift
63 Svatava Girl blessed, holy
64 Tomila Girl -
65 Tomislava Girl Torturous glory.
66 Vlasta Girl rule, sovereignty
67 Wilmot / Unisex will helmet
68 Yaroslava Girl Spring glory

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