The Most Popular Norse Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Norse girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Angrboða Girl she who brings grief
2 Borghild Girl A war in the fortifications
3 Borghildr Girl -
4 Brynhild Girl ready for battle
5 Brynhildr Girl -
6 Eir Girl mercy
7 Elli Girl noble
8 Embla Girl elm
9 Erna Girl brisk, vigorous, hale
10 Frea Girl -
11 Freya Girl lady
12 Freyja Girl -
13 Frigg Girl beloved
14 Gerðr Girl -
15 Gerd Girl enclosure
16 Gríðr Girl -
17 Grímhildr Girl -
18 Gróa Girl to grow
19 Grid Girl zeal, vehemence
20 Guðrún Girl -
21 Gudrun Girl god's secret lore
22 Gunnr Girl war
23 Heiðrún Girl -
24 Heidrun Girl A goat who supplies mead to the Gods
25 Hel Girl -
26 Hildr Girl -
27 Huld Girl Icelandic term for secret.
28 Hulda Girl hiding, secrecy
29 Iðunn Girl -
30 Idun Girl One who is active.
31 Idunn Girl To renew nature or active in love.
32 Kára Girl curly, curved
33 Nanna Girl daring, brave
34 Sága Girl The all-seeing one
35 Saga Girl seeing one
36 Sif Girl -
37 Signý Girl One who brings new victories
38 Sigrún Girl To achieve secret victories
39 Siv Girl bride, kinswoman
40 Skaði Girl damage, harm
41 Skadi Girl A name of the Winter Goddess, a frost giant
42 Skuld Girl debt, obligation
43 Svanhild Girl She fights with ellegant moves like a swan
44 Svanhildr Girl -
45 Urðr Girl -
46 Urd Girl fate
47 Vanadís Girl goddess of the Vanir
48 Verðandi Girl -
49 Verdandi Girl becoming, happening

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