The Most Popular Pakistani First Names

In the list we have sorted Pakistani first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Muhammad Boy praiseworthy
2 Mohammad Boy praiseworthy
3 Abdul Boy servant
4 Ghulam Boy A servant, a slave
5 Masmaat Girl -
6 Noor Girl light
7 Syed Boy mister
8 Ali Boy high, exalted
9 Gul Boy the fresh flower of red Rose
10 Naseem Girl The cool breeze of a pleasant weather
11 Fatima Girl captivating or shining one
12 Shazia Girl One who is exotical or rare
13 Rukhsana Girl A woman with beautiful cheeks
14 Samina Girl She who is plump and happy
15 Nasreen Girl A white colored wild flower
16 Allah Boy Name of the Lord, the Exalted
17 Bibi Girl lady of the house
18 Sakina Girl One whose piece of mind is inspired by God
19 Razia Girl contented
20 Parveen Girl star
21 Musmat Girl -
22 Mumtaz Girl -
23 Zubaida Girl marigold
24 Khalid Boy immortal, eternal
25 Zainab Girl a fragrant or beautiful plant
26 Shameem Girl A persons scent
27 Fazal Boy A feeling of excellence and superiority
28 Ahmad Boy highly praised or one who constantly thanks God
29 Shah Boy A surname meaning King
30 Manzoor Boy -
31 Shahid Boy A martyr
32 Yasmin Girl jasmine flower
33 Kausar Girl Kausar name means The Lake in Paradise
34 Saima Girl A fasting woman
35 Nazia Girl An energetic person
36 Imran Boy Prosperity
37 Nasir Boy supporter
38 Shahnaz Girl king's glory
39 Farzana Girl A woman who has great knowledge
40 Arshad Boy Most honest
41 Bashir Boy -
42 Tahira Girl virginal or pure
43 Rehana Girl A handfull of the sweetest basil
44 Riaz Boy -
45 Robina Girl bright fame
46 Sher Boy dear
47 Razih Girl -
48 Rabia Girl She who comes fourth
49 Zafar Boy victory
50 Shehnaz Girl -
51 Tariq Boy evening caller
52 Aisha Girl alive, well
53 Asif Boy One who forgives others
54 Ayesha Girl small one
55 Haji Boy Pilgrimage, One who has Performed the Hajj
56 Masaamat Girl -
57 Ullah Boy -
58 Zahid Boy Altruistic
59 Zahida Girl She who is restrained, devoted to God
60 Abid Boy God's worshipper; God knows
61 Saeed Boy happy
62 Najma Girl A beautiful star in the sky
63 Anwar / Unisex light
64 Sajida Girl A devoted worshiper of Allah
65 Javed Boy Eternal
66 Khan Boy prince
67 Shahida Girl One who is considered beautiful
68 Nazir Boy One who is comparable
69 Nusrat Girl -
70 Bushra Girl One who bring the happy news
71 Shabana Girl Belonging to night
72 Sghran Girl -
73 Abida Girl God's worshipper
74 Sajjad Boy A person who is submissive
75 Malik Boy wave
76 Bakht / Unisex One who is considered to be lucky for mankind
77 Lal Boy -
78 Asma Girl high status
79 Habib Boy loved one
80 Taj / Unisex crown
81 Zulfiqar Boy -
82 Akhtar Boy Arabic - Star; Good Man; Good Luck
83 Sardar Boy A commander
84 Nazeer Boy One who has a comparison
85 Salma Girl helmet of God
86 Hassan Boy good-looking, handsome
87 Maryam Girl Our lady
88 Irshad Girl -
89 Mamaa Girl -
90 Fouzia Girl Someone who is victorious and fortunate
91 Amir Boy prince; treetop
92 Mushtaq Boy -
93 Khalida Girl Deathless
94 Sadia Girl The woman who is righteous
95 Ameer Boy prince or treetop
96 Amna Girl A peaceful person
97 Syeda Girl She who is a mistress
98 Sana Girl brilliant or praise
99 Irfan Boy -
100 Amjad Boy greater glory

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