The Most Popular Pakistani Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Pakistani girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Masmaat Girl -
2 Noor Girl light
3 Naseem Girl The cool breeze of a pleasant weather
4 Fatima Girl captivating or shining one
5 Shazia Girl One who is exotical or rare
6 Rukhsana Girl A woman with beautiful cheeks
7 Samina Girl She who is plump and happy
8 Nasreen Girl A white colored wild flower
9 Bibi Girl lady of the house
10 Sakina Girl One whose piece of mind is inspired by God
11 Razia Girl contented
12 Parveen Girl star
13 Musmat Girl -
14 Mumtaz Girl -
15 Zubaida Girl marigold
16 Zainab Girl a fragrant or beautiful plant
17 Shameem Girl A persons scent
18 Yasmin Girl jasmine flower
19 Kausar Girl Kausar name means The Lake in Paradise
20 Saima Girl A fasting woman
21 Nazia Girl An energetic person
22 Shahnaz Girl king's glory
23 Farzana Girl A woman who has great knowledge
24 Tahira Girl virginal or pure
25 Rehana Girl A handfull of the sweetest basil
26 Robina Girl bright fame
27 Razih Girl -
28 Rabia Girl She who comes fourth
29 Shehnaz Girl -
30 Aisha Girl alive, well
31 Ayesha Girl small one
32 Masaamat Girl -
33 Zahida Girl She who is restrained, devoted to God
34 Najma Girl A beautiful star in the sky
35 Anwar / Unisex light
36 Sajida Girl A devoted worshiper of Allah
37 Shahida Girl One who is considered beautiful
38 Nusrat Girl -
39 Bushra Girl One who bring the happy news
40 Shabana Girl Belonging to night
41 Sghran Girl -
42 Abida Girl God's worshipper
43 Bakht / Unisex One who is considered to be lucky for mankind
44 Asma Girl high status
45 Taj / Unisex crown
46 Salma Girl helmet of God
47 Maryam Girl Our lady
48 Irshad Girl -
49 Mamaa Girl -
50 Fouzia Girl Someone who is victorious and fortunate
51 Khalida Girl Deathless
52 Sadia Girl The woman who is righteous
53 Amna Girl A peaceful person
54 Syeda Girl She who is a mistress
55 Sana Girl brilliant or praise
56 Kanishi Girl -
57 Masmat Girl -
58 Kalamum Girl -
59 Iqbal / Unisex -
60 Shaheen Girl One who is liek a royal falcon
61 Kulsoom Girl Kilsoom means One who has Full Healthy Cheeks
62 Tasleem Girl Total submission
63 Khadija Girl early baby
64 Maqsood / Unisex -
65 Parain Girl -
66 Sakeena Girl One with the God-inspired peace of mind
67 Zarina Girl golden
68 Saira Girl princess
69 Nadia Girl hope
70 Jannat Girl A garden of Heaven
71 Musarrat Girl -
72 Farhat Girl A great feeling of joy
73 Zareena Girl golden
74 Asiya Girl -
75 Khursheed Girl The name means The Star Sun
76 Saffia Girl -
77 Surya Girl sun
78 Munawar / Unisex -
79 Uzma Girl Grand; Greatest; Supreme; Ultimate
80 Summera Girl -
81 Shamshad Girl A tree that looks like a pine
82 Shakeela Girl beautiful
83 Sharifaan Girl -
84 Bi Girl A Chinesee name meaning Green Jade
85 Raqia Girl A superior one
86 Azra Girl maiden
87 Shagufta Girl Affection, or fresh.
88 Naheed Girl The planet Venus of the solar system
89 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
90 Jamila Girl lovely
91 Qamar / Unisex One mysterious as the Moon
92 Sajeda Girl -
93 Hina Girl Henna. Myrtle
94 Rani Girl she is singing or queen
95 Saeeda Girl A spirit of the forest
96 Noreen Girl honor
97 Khalda Girl -
98 Zakhdar Girl -
99 Kaneez Girl Kaneez name means Servant, a Slave Girl
100 Bashri Girl -

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