The Most Popular Polish Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Polish girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
2 Katarzyna Girl Pure, Unsullied
3 Agnieszka Girl pure, holy
4 Joanna Girl God is gracious
5 Magdalena Girl woman from Magdala
6 Monika Girl advisor; unique
7 Ewa Girl She who brings life to everything
8 Marta Girl lady; mistress of the house; dedicated to Mars
9 Michał / Unisex -
10 Paweł / Unisex One who is humble and small; interesting
11 Karolina Girl manly
12 Aleksandra Girl man's defender
13 Dorota Girl gift of God
14 Beata Girl blessed
15 Justyna Girl fair, upright
16 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
17 Agata Girl good
18 Małgorzata Girl -
19 Iwona Girl -
20 Kasia Girl pure
21 Paulina Girl small
22 Magda Girl woman from Magdala
23 Maria Girl star of the sea
24 Sylwia Girl forest
25 Rafał / Unisex God's healer
26 Malgorzata Girl pearl
27 Aneta Girl He (God) has favored me
28 Natalia Girl birthday
29 Izabela Girl -
30 Łukasz / Unisex The one who casts light on people
31 Ania Girl grace
32 Jolanta Girl violet flower; purple
33 Renata Girl reborn
34 Ewelina Girl One who is desired
35 Alicja Girl -
36 Kamila Girl helper to the priest
37 Edyta Girl A rich present; one which is efficient
38 Dominika Girl lord
39 Marzena Girl A polish diminutive of Maria, a bitter one
40 Urszula Girl little she-bear
41 Patrycja Girl noblewoman
42 Kinga Girl Clan a Family
43 Elżbieta Girl -
44 Olga Girl blessed, holy, or successful
45 Danuta Girl God is a loving judge
46 Krystyna Girl follower of Christ
47 Hanna Girl He (God) has favored me
48 Teresa Girl late summer
49 Ola Girl ancestor's relic
50 Martyna Girl A female warrior of the God Mars
51 Emilia Girl rival, laborious, or eager
52 Gosia Girl -
53 Elzbieta Girl God's promise
54 Klaudia Girl lame
55 Julia Girl youthful or Jove's child
56 Lidia Girl from Lydia
57 Weronika Girl -
58 Grażyna Girl -
59 Mariola Girl A bitter dame
60 Ilona Girl light
61 Ela Girl tree
62 Zofia Girl wisdom
63 Daria Girl maintains possessions well
64 Anita Girl Gracious, Merciful
65 Maja Girl mother
66 Alina Girl light
67 Halina Girl sun ray, shining light
68 Dagmara Girl Maiden; unmarried
69 Irena Girl peace
70 Iza Girl -
71 Asia Girl sunrise
72 Grazyna Girl favor; blessing
73 Bożena Girl divine
74 Wioletta Girl -
75 Jadwiga Girl safety in battle
76 Marlena Girl woman from Magdala
77 Sławomir / Unisex He who brings the glorious peace
78 Gabriela Girl heroine of God
79 Basia Girl foreign woman
80 Aga Girl -
81 Lucyna Girl illumination
82 Jola Girl violet flower
83 Milena Girl favored
84 Angelika Girl messenger of God
85 Bozena Girl divine
86 Eliza Girl God is satisfaction
87 Karina Girl pure
88 Józef / Unisex -
89 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
90 Sabina Girl a Sabine
91 Ula Girl wealthy, gem of the sea, or sacred red
92 Bogusław / Unisex God's Glory; Glory from God
93 Paula Girl small
94 Diana Girl heavenly, divine
95 Wanda Girl the tribe of the Vandals
96 Aldona Girl old
97 Malwina Girl -
98 Janina Girl God is gracious
99 Jagoda Girl A girl sweet as a strawberry
100 Zuzanna Girl lily

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