The Most Popular Romanian Boy Names

In the list we have sorted Romanian boy names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Alexandru Boy -
2 Andrei Boy man or warrior
3 Mihai Boy there is none like the great God.
4 Marius Boy male
5 Adrian Boy from Hadria
6 Ionut Boy -
7 Florin Boy Diminutive of Latin Fiore, it means a flower
8 Daniel Boy God is my judge
9 Cristian Boy follower of Christ
10 Bogdan Boy given by God
11 George Boy Farmer
12 Constantin Boy constant, steadfast
13 Vasile Boy royal or kingly
14 Gabriel Boy God is my strong man
15 Nicolae Boy victor of the people
16 Gheorghe Boy farmer
17 Cosmin Boy -
18 Robert Boy bright fame
19 Stefan Boy Crown
20 Ion Boy -
21 Alin Boy precious
22 Valentin Boy strong
23 Iulian Boy -
24 Radu Boy The happy one
25 Claudiu Boy -
26 Vlad Boy rule
27 Dan Boy he judged
28 Razvan Boy One who brings good news
29 Paul Boy small
30 Dumitru Boy A silversmith; in a creative field
31 Sorin Boy He is like the Sun
32 Lucian Boy light
33 Ovidiu Boy An individual who is like a saint
34 Ionel Boy -
35 Ciprian Boy -
36 Silviu Boy -
37 Sergiu Boy servant
38 Viorel Boy Bluebell flower
39 Liviu Boy A man who envies others
40 Mircea Boy peaceful glory
41 Dragos Boy Precious; they are true natured being
42 Laurentiu Boy Romanian form of Laurentius, meaning laurel.
43 Petru Boy -
44 Ionuţ Boy -
45 Sebastian Boy revered
46 Ionuț Boy -
47 Eduard Boy wealthy guard
48 Costel Boy Constant; Steadfast; Diminutive of Constantin
49 Ilie Boy Jehovah is my God
50 Emanuel Boy God is with us
51 Victor Boy champion
52 Raul Boy The councel of the wolves
53 Eugen Boy well-born or noble
54 Răzvan Boy One who brings good news
55 Attila Boy little father
56 Cornel Boy horn
57 Tudor Boy Spiritual gift or divine talent.
58 Dorin Boy -
59 Octavian Boy eighth
60 Emil Boy eager
61 Teodor Boy God's gift
62 Alex Boy man's defender, warrior
63 Danut Boy -
64 David Boy beloved
65 Aurel Boy golden
66 Mihail Boy who resembles God?
67 Zsolt Boy one who is honored
68 Norbert Boy northern brightness
69 Florian Boy flower
70 Istvan Boy -
71 Andrada / Unisex Romanian version of Andrea, meaning 'man'.
72 Marcel Boy Young Warrior
73 Tiberiu Boy Tiber's son
74 Nicusor Boy -
75 Zoltan Boy life
76 Csaba Boy A gift sent fom heaven
77 Petre Boy rock
78 Petrica Boy -
79 Calin Boy pure
80 Mihaita Boy Pet form of Mihai, meaning who is like God?
81 Denis Boy -
82 Szabolcs Boy -
83 Ştefan Boy Crown
84 Darius Boy possessing goodness
85 Iosif Boy Jehovah increases
86 Levente Boy Exiting being
87 Remus Boy One of the two founders of Rome
88 Doru Boy -
89 Marin Boy county north of San Francisco
90 Nicu Boy -
91 Costin Boy Constant; Steady; Diminutive of Constantin
92 Flavius Boy golden
93 Aurelian Boy An emperor who is golden colored; broadminded
94 Ștefan Boy -
95 Florentin Boy in flower
96 Laszlo Boy glorious rule
97 Stelian Boy Romanian form of Stylianos, meaning pillar.
98 Traian Boy The warrior, brave warrior, A Roman emperor
99 Tamas Boy twin
100 Dorel Boy -

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