The Most Popular Romanian Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Romanian girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Andreea Girl -
2 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
3 Maria Girl star of the sea
4 Alexandra Girl man's defender
5 Mihaela Girl there is none like the creator of this world.
6 Cristina Girl anointed, Christian
7 Ioana Girl He (God) has favored me
8 Marian Girl star of the sea and grace
9 Ana Girl favored grace
10 Alina Girl light
11 Ioan Girl -
12 Georgiana Girl farmer
13 Daniela Girl God is my Judge
14 Nicoleta Girl Title winner of the nation.
15 Diana Girl heavenly, divine
16 Ionela Girl -
17 Roxana Girl bright
18 Mariana Girl star of the sea
19 Ana-Maria Girl -
20 Gabriela Girl heroine of God
21 Oana Girl -
22 Catalin Girl pure
23 Adriana Girl from Hadria
24 Madalina Girl Of Magdala, a place name that means tower
25 Florentina Girl flower
26 Bianca Girl white, pure
27 Raluca Girl Field with birds; Glory of Goddess Hera
28 Anca Girl -
29 Simona Girl hear, listen
30 Laura Girl Laurel
31 Iuliana Girl -
32 Anamaria Girl favored grace
33 Claudia Girl lame
34 Mirela Girl An admired person, most admirable
35 Florina Girl flowering
36 Carmen Girl garden, orchard
37 Irina Girl peace
38 Ramona Girl protecting hands
39 Iulia Girl Young or youthful.
40 Loredana Girl -
41 Denisa Girl follower of Dionysius
42 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
43 Corina Girl maiden
44 Adina Girl delicate
45 Mădălina Girl Of Magdala, a place name that means tower
46 Camelia Girl helper to the priest
47 Valentina Girl strong or healthy
48 Lavinia Girl legendary mother of the Roman people
49 Liliana Girl lily
50 Larisa Girl citadel
51 Paula Girl small
52 Teodora Girl God's gift
53 Catalina Girl pure
54 Georgeta Girl Refers to grower or rancher.
55 Andra Girl manly and virile
56 Rodica Girl A fertile woman
57 Cătălin Girl She is a very pure lady
58 Vasilica Girl Pet form of Romanian Vasile, meaning king.
59 Ileana Girl God has answered
60 Adelina Girl noble
61 Dana Girl from Denmark
62 Marinela Girl A maiden of the sea
63 Violeta Girl purple
64 Georgian Girl -
65 Andrea Girl manly, virile
66 Stefania Girl crown
67 Mária Girl -
68 Viorica Girl -
69 Emilia Girl rival, laborious, or eager
70 Silvia Girl woods or forest
71 Veronica Girl true image
72 Timea Girl Cheerfulness or the good spirits
73 Ancuta Girl -
74 Madalin Girl -
75 Dorina Girl gift
76 Sorina Girl A Sun-like woman
77 Cornelia Girl horn
78 Luminita Girl Little light.
79 Andrada / Unisex Romanian version of Andrea, meaning 'man'.
80 Marina Girl from the sea
81 Cosmina Girl -
82 Petronela Girl rock
83 Aurelia Girl golden
84 Delia Girl of Delos
85 Geanina Girl -
86 Angela Girl messenger; messenger of God
87 Adela Girl noble
88 Cristi Girl follower of Christ
89 Lenuta Girl A mild natured woman.
90 Emanuela Girl God is with us
91 Amalia Girl work
92 Lidia Girl from Lydia
93 Doina Girl -
94 Florica Girl It symbolises a flower
95 Crina Girl Lily flower
96 Kinga Girl Clan a Family
97 Gina Girl Queen
98 Gheorghita Girl -
99 Ruxandra Girl A variant of Roxana, meaning bright or dawn.
100 Cristiana Girl follower of Christ

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