The Most Popular Russian First Names

In the list we have sorted Russian first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Sergey Boy servant
2 Aleksandr Boy man's defender or warrior
3 Elena Girl sun ray or shining light
4 Tatyana Girl Haired
5 Olga Girl blessed, holy, or successful
6 Natalya Girl birthday
7 Andrey Boy man or warrior
8 Ekaterina Girl pure
9 Dmitriy Boy Earth lover; Greek goddess of harvest
10 Irina Girl peace
11 Vladimir Boy renowned prince
12 Aleksey Boy protector
13 Svetlana Girl light
14 Anastasiya Girl resurrection
15 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
16 Maksim Boy greatest
17 Marina Girl from the sea
18 Ivan Boy God is gracious
19 Evgeniy Boy He who was born as a good person
20 Alexander Boy defending men
21 Nikolay Boy people of victory
22 Mariya Girl One who is greatly loved
23 Mikhail Boy who resembles God?
24 Yuliya Girl youthful
25 Denis Boy -
26 Roman Boy citizen of Rome
27 Darya Girl nugget of wisdom; maintains possessions well
28 Pavel Boy small
29 Nadezhda Girl hope
30 Igor Boy A man protected by God.
31 Viktoriya Girl Bulgarian form of Victoria, meaning victory.
32 Anton Boy -
33 Nikita Boy unconquered
34 Lyudmila Girl graceful people
35 Oleg Boy holy
36 Ilya Boy -
37 Galina Girl calm
38 Viktor Boy champion
39 Alexey Boy man's defender or warrior
40 Kristina Girl follower of Christ
41 Alina Girl light
42 Kseniya Girl The name means Stranger
43 Konstantin Boy Constant
44 Valentina Girl strong or healthy
45 Artyom Boy Unharmed
46 Kirill Boy the Lord
47 Yuriy Boy -
48 Lyubov Girl love
49 Alyona Girl -
50 Dmitry Boy follower of Demeter
51 Aleksandra Girl man's defender
52 Ruslan Boy A Russian name for one who is like a Lion
53 Oksana Girl praise God
54 Evgeniya Girl A woman who is good by burth
55 Anastasia Girl resurrection
56 Vadim Boy Ruler
57 Vitaliy Boy -
58 Artem Boy -
59 Yulia Girl youthful; love's child
60 Elizaveta Girl A devoted individual; they are everywhere
61 Evgeny Boy well-born
62 Danil Boy God is my judge
63 Anya Girl resurrection
64 Valeriya Girl -
65 Yana Girl God is gracious
66 Olesya Girl -
67 Yulya Girl -
68 Larisa Girl citadel
69 Vasiliy Boy -
70 Stanislav Boy stand
71 Egor Boy yew, bow army
72 Diana Girl heavenly, divine
73 Polina Girl Apollo
74 Vera Girl faith or truth
75 Vyacheslav Boy greater glory
76 Nina Girl fire
77 Alena Girl tower
78 Vladislav Boy glorious rule
79 Maria Girl star of the sea
80 Valeriy Boy -
81 Anatoliy Boy -
82 Margarita Girl pearl
83 Maxim Boy greatest
84 Artur Boy Noble, courageous
85 Oxana Girl A stranger who bestows hospitality
86 Viktoria Girl victory
87 Veronika Girl victory bringer; true image
88 Inna Girl Ukrainian term for fast flowing stream.
89 Daniil Boy God is a judge who rules
90 Karina Girl pure
91 Nataliya Girl birthday
92 Yury Boy the light of God
93 Eduard Boy wealthy guard
94 Tamara Girl date palm
95 Alla Girl -
96 Angelina Girl messenger of God
97 Timur Boy iron
98 Petr Boy rock
99 Albina Girl white
100 Gennadiy Boy -

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