The Most Popular Scottish Names

In the list we have sorted Scottish names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Boy Names

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 John Boy Yahweh is gracious
2 James Boy he who supplants
3 David Boy beloved
4 William Boy will helmet, protection
5 Robert Boy bright fame
6 Andrew Boy manly, masculine
7 Thomas Boy twin
8 Michael Boy who is like God?
9 George Boy Farmer
10 Ian Boy God is gracious
11 Alexander Boy defending men
12 Paul Boy small
13 Alan Boy little rock
14 Peter Boy stone
15 Brian Boy hill
16 Stephen Boy crown, wreath
17 Mark Boy Warlike
18 Steven Boy Crown; Wreath
19 Colin Boy young creature
20 Gordon Boy large fortification
21 Stuart Boy steward
22 Scott Boy from Scotland, a Scotsman
23 Christopher Boy bearing Christ
24 Craig Boy rock, rocky
25 Richard Boy brave ruler
26 Kenneth Boy fire born; good-looking
27 Kevin Boy handsome beloved
28 Neil Boy champion
29 Gary Boy spear
30 Iain Boy God is gracious
31 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
32 Derek Boy power of the tribe
33 Charles Boy free man
34 Graham Boy gravel area; gray homestead
35 Douglas Boy black river
36 Joseph Boy he will add
37 Donald Boy A great chief who rules the world
38 Allan Boy precious
39 Graeme Boy gravel area or gray homestead
40 Ronald Boy Counsel Rule
41 Edward Boy wealthy guard
42 Daniel Boy God is my judge
43 Hugh Boy soul, mind, intellect
44 Ross Boy headland, cape
45 Alistair Boy man's defender
46 Patrick Boy Nobleman
47 Stewart Boy steward
48 Keith Boy woodland, forest
49 Anthony Boy -
50 Duncan Boy dark warrior; brown fighter
51 Matthew Boy gift of Yahweh
52 Raymond Boy protecting hands
53 Barry Boy fair-haired
54 Jamie Boy he who supplants
55 Gavin Boy white falcon; little falcon
56 Malcolm Boy devotee of Saint Columba
57 Philip Boy friend of horses
58 Norman Boy northman
59 Francis Boy frenchman; free man
60 Simon Boy he has heard
61 Henry Boy home ruler
62 Chris Boy Christ-Bearer
63 Jonathan Boy Yahweh has given
64 Frank Boy Free Or From France
65 Darren Boy great
66 Ryan Boy king
67 Alastair Boy man's defender
68 Sean Boy God is gracious
69 Grant Boy tall, big
70 Eric Boy Always Ruler
71 Lee Boy pasture or meadow
72 Adam Boy man
73 Angus Boy one choice
74 Jim Boy Supplanter
75 Samuel Boy name of God
76 Fraser Boy of the forest men
77 Alex Boy man's defender, warrior
78 Bruce Boy Thick brush
79 Jason Boy healer
80 Walter Boy ruler of the army
81 Archibald Boy genuine, bold, brave
82 Nicholas Boy people of victory
83 Gerard Boy Brave Spearman
84 Arthur Boy bear or Thor, the eagle
85 Leslie Boy holly garden
86 Calum Boy A dove-like person
87 Garry Boy spear
88 Robin Boy Bright Fame
89 Alasdair Boy man's defender
90 Roy Boy red
91 Harry Boy Army Ruler
92 Gerald Boy spear ruler
93 Ewan Boy born of yew, youth, or God is gracious
94 Jack Boy God is gracious
95 Bryan Boy A courageous and virtuous man
96 Russell Boy little red
97 Cameron Boy crooked nose
98 Euan Boy born of yew; youth
99 Roderick Boy famous power
100 Liam Boy will helmet, protection

Girl Names

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Margaret Girl pearl
2 Elizabeth Girl my God is an oath
3 Mary Girl sea of bitterness
4 Catherine Girl pure
5 Helen Girl torch
6 Anne Girl Gracious, Merciful
7 Susan Girl lily
8 Jean Girl God is gracious
9 Fiona Girl fair or pale
10 Linda Girl flexible, soft, mild
11 Karen Girl pure
12 Sarah Girl lady, princess, noblewoman
13 Agnes Girl chaste
14 Janet Girl God is gracious
15 Ann Girl He (God) has favored me
16 Jane Girl God is gracious
17 Patricia Girl Noble
18 Alison Girl noble, exalted
19 Jacqueline Girl Supplanter
20 Laura Girl Laurel
21 Christine Girl follower of Christ
22 Jennifer Girl fair one
23 Angela Girl messenger; messenger of God
24 Elaine Girl sun ray or shining light
25 Gillian Girl youthful
26 Claire Girl bright, famous
27 Nicola Girl people of victory
28 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
29 Carol Girl Joyful song
30 Kathleen Girl pure
31 Maureen Girl star of the sea
32 Irene Girl peace
33 Louise Girl famous warrior
34 Julie Girl youthful or Jove's child
35 Caroline Girl free man
36 Lesley Girl holly garden
37 Sharon Girl a fertile plain
38 Marion Girl star of the sea
39 Sheila Girl blind
40 Lorraine Girl from Lorraine
41 Michelle Girl who resembles God
42 Emma Girl whole
43 Heather Girl evergreen flowering plant
44 Lisa Girl God's promise
45 Lorna Girl laurel
46 Joan Girl God is gracious
47 Isabella Girl God's promise
48 Yvonne Girl Yew
49 Barbara Girl Foreign; Strange
50 Pamela Girl honey or all sweetness
51 Pauline Girl small
52 Lynn Girl living near a lake, waterfall, or pool
53 Donna Girl lady
54 Kirsty Girl follower of Christ
55 Christina Girl follower of Christ
56 Amanda Girl fit to be loved, lovable
57 Dorothy Girl gift of God
58 Annie Girl He (God) has favored me
59 Isobel Girl God's promise
60 Moira Girl destiny, share, or fate
61 Frances Girl from France
62 June Girl young
63 Jessie Girl He sees
64 Marie Girl star of the sea
65 Janice Girl God is gracious
66 Eileen Girl hazelnut
67 Diane Girl divine
68 Lynne Girl lake, pool
69 Joyce Girl lord
70 Deborah Girl bee
71 Wendy Girl Friend Or Blessed Ring
72 Joanne Girl -
73 Morag Girl star of the sea
74 Ruth Girl friend
75 Rachel Girl ewe
76 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
77 Evelyn Girl life
78 Hazel Girl the hazel tree
79 Tracy Girl warlike
80 Audrey Girl noble strength
81 Rosemary Girl dew of the sea
82 Shona Girl God is gracious
83 Valerie Girl strong or healthy
84 Tracey Girl warlike
85 Shirley Girl bright meadow
86 Grace Girl favor or blessing
87 Victoria Girl victory
88 Suzanne Girl Lily
89 Alice Girl noble, exalted
90 Ellen Girl Light
91 Eleanor Girl sun ray or shining light
92 Aileen Girl Light
93 Stephanie Girl crown or garland
94 Janette Girl God is gracious
95 Isabel Girl God's promise
96 Rebecca Girl join, tie, snare
97 Gail Girl father of exaltation
98 Dawn Girl the first appearance of light or daybreak
99 Maria Girl star of the sea
100 Brenda Girl sword

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