The Most Popular Swedish First Names

In the list we have sorted Swedish first names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
2 Lars Boy A thriumphant, victorius one
3 Eva Girl life or animal
4 Per Boy rock
5 Karl Boy free man
6 Jan Boy God Is Gracious
7 Karin Girl Pure
8 Hans Boy God Is Gracious
9 Nils Boy people of victory
10 Maria Girl star of the sea
11 Sven Boy boy, lad
12 Erik Boy Always Ruler
13 Johan Boy God Is Gracious
14 Anders Boy -
15 Bengt Boy blessed
16 Carl Boy A mainly free man
17 Bo Boy Precious
18 Lena Girl torch
19 Ingrid Girl Ing's Beauty
20 Kerstin Girl follower of Christ
21 Mats Boy gift of God
22 Leif Boy heir; loved
23 Ulf Boy wolf
24 Björn Boy Bear
25 Inger Girl guarded by Ing
26 Sara Girl princess
27 Ulla Girl will or determination
28 Kjell Boy Cettle
29 Peter Boy stone
30 Emma Girl whole
31 Stig Boy voyager
32 Linda Girl flexible, soft, mild
33 Rolf Boy He is a legendary wolf among men
34 John Boy Yahweh is gracious
35 Malin Girl little strong warrior
36 Jenny Girl fair one
37 Daniel Boy God is my judge
38 Marie Girl star of the sea
39 Siv Girl bride, kinswoman
40 Elin Girl sun ray
41 Jonas Boy dove
42 Åsa Girl Physician and a healer; like a doctor
43 Hanna Girl He (God) has favored me
44 Fredrik Boy peaceful ruler
45 Annika Girl sweet-faced
46 Ann Girl He (God) has favored me
47 Barbro Girl foreign woman
48 Thomas Boy twin
49 Gun Girl battler or warrior
50 Britt Girl from Britanny or Britain
51 Martin Boy Servant Of Mars, God Of War
52 Mikael Boy who resembles God?
53 Stefan Boy Crown
54 Johanna Girl God is gracious
55 Kent Boy edge
56 Birgitta Girl exalted one
57 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
58 Ida Girl work, labour
59 David Boy beloved
60 Andreas Boy man
61 Magnus Boy great
62 Susanne Girl lily
63 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
64 Robert Boy bright fame
65 Berit Girl gorgeous, splendid, magnificent
66 Anita Girl Gracious, Merciful
67 Pia Girl pious or reverent
68 Kurt Boy Courteous, polite; wolf
69 Sofia Girl wisdom
70 Inga Girl guarded by Ing
71 Helena Girl shining light
72 Dan Boy he judged
73 Gunilla Girl battle-maid
74 Carina Girl beloved
75 Sten Boy stone
76 Frida Girl peace
77 Henrik Boy home ruler
78 Camilla Girl helper to the priest
79 Claes Boy people of victory
80 Lisa Girl God's promise
81 Jessica Girl He sees
82 Gerd Girl enclosure
83 Mona Girl noble or aristocratic
84 Christina Girl follower of Christ
85 Alf Boy elf
86 Tommy Boy Twin
87 Marcus Boy dedicated to Mars
88 Kristina Girl follower of Christ
89 Elsa Girl God's promise or God is my oath
90 Patrik Boy patrician
91 Lennart Boy lion strength
92 Jens Boy God is gracious
93 Astrid Girl God's Strength
94 Sonja Girl wisdom
95 Gunnel Girl battle-maid
96 Göran Boy -
97 Simon Boy he has heard
98 Cecilia Girl blind; sixth
99 Joakim Boy -
100 Anette Girl He (God) has favored me

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