The Most Popular Swedish Girl Names

In the list we have sorted Swedish girl names by popularity, along with their genders and meanings. By clicking on the highlighted names you can see additional information about the name, including the name's origin, religion, similar names and also celebrities with the same name.

Ranking Name Gender Meaning
1 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
2 Eva Girl life or animal
3 Karin Girl Pure
4 Maria Girl star of the sea
5 Lena Girl torch
6 Ingrid Girl Ing's Beauty
7 Kerstin Girl follower of Christ
8 Inger Girl guarded by Ing
9 Sara Girl princess
10 Ulla Girl will or determination
11 Emma Girl whole
12 Linda Girl flexible, soft, mild
13 Malin Girl little strong warrior
14 Jenny Girl fair one
15 Marie Girl star of the sea
16 Siv Girl bride, kinswoman
17 Elin Girl sun ray
18 Åsa Girl Physician and a healer; like a doctor
19 Hanna Girl He (God) has favored me
20 Annika Girl sweet-faced
21 Ann Girl He (God) has favored me
22 Barbro Girl foreign woman
23 Gun Girl battler or warrior
24 Britt Girl from Britanny or Britain
25 Johanna Girl God is gracious
26 Birgitta Girl exalted one
27 Sandra Girl Defender Of The People
28 Ida Girl work, labour
29 Susanne Girl lily
30 Monica Girl solitary or to advise
31 Berit Girl gorgeous, splendid, magnificent
32 Anita Girl Gracious, Merciful
33 Pia Girl pious or reverent
34 Sofia Girl wisdom
35 Inga Girl guarded by Ing
36 Helena Girl shining light
37 Gunilla Girl battle-maid
38 Carina Girl beloved
39 Frida Girl peace
40 Camilla Girl helper to the priest
41 Lisa Girl God's promise
42 Jessica Girl He sees
43 Gerd Girl enclosure
44 Mona Girl noble or aristocratic
45 Christina Girl follower of Christ
46 Kristina Girl follower of Christ
47 Elsa Girl God's promise or God is my oath
48 Astrid Girl God's Strength
49 Sonja Girl wisdom
50 Gunnel Girl battle-maid
51 Cecilia Girl blind; sixth
52 Anette Girl He (God) has favored me
53 Emelie Girl industrious
54 Birgit Girl exalted one
55 Anne Girl Gracious, Merciful
56 Rut Girl companion
57 Lina Girl palm tree
58 Yvonne Girl Yew
59 Ulrika Girl wealthy ruler
60 Agneta Girl Poor, chaste, pure
61 Maj Girl great; mother; the fifth month
62 Julia Girl youthful or Jove's child
63 Nina Girl fire
64 Petra Girl Rock
65 Amanda Girl fit to be loved, lovable
66 Caroline Girl free man
67 Marianne Girl Of The Sea Or Bitter
68 Anneli Girl -
69 Ingela Girl -
70 Margareta Girl pearl
71 Katarina Girl pure
72 Monika Girl advisor; unique
73 Elisabeth Girl God's promise
74 Solveig Girl woman of the house
75 Louise Girl famous warrior
76 Märta Girl -
77 Maud Girl powerful battler
78 Lisbeth Girl God's promise
79 Stina Girl anointed or Christian
80 Laila Girl night beauty
81 Ruth Girl friend
82 Jennie Girl fair one
83 Pernilla Girl rock
84 Gunvor Girl -
85 Gudrun Girl god's secret lore
86 Sofie Girl wisdom
87 Britt-Marie Girl -
88 Ellen Girl Light
89 Therese Girl late summer
90 Alexandra Girl man's defender
91 Tina Girl Follower of Christ
92 Margit Girl pearl
93 Ylva Girl she-wolf
94 Ebba Girl strong and brave boar
95 Erika Girl forever or alone
96 Irene Girl peace
97 Sanna Girl means true
98 Ewa Girl She who brings life to everything
99 Carin Girl beloved or pure
100 Britta Girl exalted one; from Brittany or Great Britain

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