Spanish Names That Start With A

Find all the Spanish names starting with A along with their meaning and gender. By clicking on the name, you can find more information about the name, such as celebrities named with that name and the name's origin.

Nr. Name Gender Meaning
1 Aaron Boy high mountain
2 Abdelaziz Boy Servant of the giver
3 Abdelkader Boy -
4 Abdellah Boy servant
5 Abderrahim Boy the Servant of the Compassionate
6 Abdeslam Boy -
7 Abel Boy breath
8 Abelardo Boy noble strength
9 Abraham Boy father of many
10 Abril Girl to open
11 Ada Girl noble
12 Adam Boy man
13 Adan Boy earth or fire
14 Aday Boy -
15 Adela Girl noble
16 Adelaida Girl noble kind
17 Adelina Girl noble
18 Adil Boy righteous, fair
19 Adolfo Boy noble or majestic wolf
20 Adoracion Girl An act of religious worship
21 Adria Boy from Hadria
22 Adrian Boy from Hadria
23 Adriana Girl from Hadria
24 Africa Girl pleasant
25 Agueda Girl Good-hearted
26 Agustin Boy great and magnificent
27 Agustina Girl great and magnificent
28 Ahmed Boy highly praised or one who constantly thanks God
29 Aicha Girl Life
30 Aida Girl reward, present
31 Aimar Boy -
32 Aina Girl forever
33 Ainara Girl Delicate
34 Ainhoa Girl Refers to the Virgin Mary.
35 Ainoa Girl -
36 Aitana Girl High honor
37 Aitor Boy good fathers
38 Aitziber Girl -
39 Alain Boy Rock
40 Alan Boy little rock
41 Alba Girl elf
42 Albert Boy noble and bright
43 Alberto Boy noble, bright, and famous
44 Aleix Boy defender
45 Alejandra Girl man's defender
46 Alejandro Boy man's defender, warrior
47 Alejo Boy man's defender or warrior
48 Alessandro Boy man's defender or warrior
49 Alex Boy man's defender, warrior
50 Alexander Boy defending men
51 Alexandra Girl man's defender
52 Alexandre Boy man's defender or warrior
53 Alexandru Boy -
54 Alexia Girl man's defender
55 Alexis Boy helper
56 Alfonsa Girl -
57 Alfonso Boy Ready, prepared, organized
58 Alfredo Boy elf or magical counsel
59 Ali Boy high, exalted
60 Alicia Girl noble, exalted
61 Alícia / Unisex Of Noble Birth
62 Alina Girl light
63 Alma Girl nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned
64 Almudena Girl -
65 Alonso Boy ready for battle
66 Alvaro Boy all guard
67 Álvaro / Unisex -
68 Amadeo Boy God's love
69 Amador Boy lovable
70 Amaia Girl the end
71 Amal Girl work
72 Amalia Girl work
73 Amanda Girl fit to be loved, lovable
74 Amaya Girl the end; pleasant place; heavenly valley
75 Amelia Girl industrious, striving; work
76 Amina Girl honest, faithful
77 Amparo Girl -
78 Ana Girl favored grace
79 Ana-Belen Girl -
80 Ana-Maria Girl -
81 Anabel Girl A lovable person who solves problems
82 Anais Girl -
83 Anas Boy One of Prophet's companion; a friendly person
84 Anastasia Girl resurrection
85 Anastasio Boy resurrection
86 Ander Boy lion man
87 Andoni Boy -
88 Andrea Girl manly, virile
89 Andreea Girl -
90 Andrei Boy man or warrior
91 Andres Boy warrior
92 Andrés / Unisex A born warrior who is manly and brave
93 Andreu Boy -
94 Ane Girl -
95 Angel Boy messenger; messenger of God
96 Angela Girl messenger; messenger of God
97 Angela-Maria Girl -
98 Angeles Girl messenger of God
99 Angelica Girl angelic
100 Angelina Girl messenger of God
101 Angustias Girl -
102 Anibal Boy The one who is holy and satisfying
103 Anna Girl He (God) has favored me
104 Anne Girl Gracious, Merciful
105 Anselmo Boy God's helmet
106 Antia Girl flowery
107 Anton Boy -
108 Antoni Boy highly praiseworthy
109 Antonia Girl A beautiful human being who are praiseworthy
110 Antónia / Unisex A beautiful human being who are praiseworthy
111 Antonio Boy Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
112 António / Unisex Saint Anthony; worthy of praise
113 Aquilino Boy eagle
114 Araceli Girl altar of heaven; heavenly homemaker
115 Arancha Girl -
116 Arantxa Girl thornbush
117 Arantza Girl The rough thornbush
118 Aranzazu Girl The thornbush
119 Ariadna Girl most holy
120 Ariana Girl silver
121 Aritz Boy oak tree
122 Armando Boy soldier
123 Arnau Boy eagle ruler
124 Aroa Girl era, age, time
125 Arsenio Boy masculine
126 Arturo Boy noble or courageous
127 Ascension Girl -
128 Asier Boy the beginning
129 Asuncion Girl Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)
130 Augusto Boy great and magnificent
131 Aurea Girl golden
132 Aurelia Girl golden
133 Aurelio Boy golden
134 Aurora Girl dawn
135 Avelina Girl unknown
136 Avelino Boy -
137 Axel Boy father is peace
138 Aya Girl woven silk
139 Ayman Boy lucky, fortunate
140 Ayoub Boy One who is good in doing job
141 Azahara Girl A pleasant and beautiful flower
142 Aziz Boy the All-Powerful
143 Azucena Girl lily

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