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About Altmer


The Altmer (also known as High Elf) is one of ten playable races in The Elder Scrolls role-playing video game series. They were born from a chaotic creatia mundi and then evolved to be the noblest race in Tamriel. However, their great magical abilities and natural astuteness have made them quite arrogant, resulting in views of other races as lesser beings.

The Altmer of the Elder Scrolls game series are amongst some of the most powerful magic users in all of Tamriel. A long-lived race, Altmer are among the oldest races in Tamriel. One Altmer claims not to have seen their birth since they were so far away from it after traveling through time.


Short and slender, Altmer stands slightly taller than an average human at 5'7" - 6'. They typically have very pale skin color with hair colors ranging everywhere from gold to blonde to white. Their eye colors range between greens, yellows, reds, and oranges depending on their area of origin within Tamriel. Often Altmers dye their different hair colors for various reasons.


Strongly associated with magic, Altmers gain +10 bonus to their intelligence attribute. This increased mental capacity gives Altmer the ability to learn spells and perform magic significantly faster than other races. Their long life also spans aid in this process as Altmers are exposed to much more knowledge due to their extended years of life experience. Altmer are naturally resistant to diseases and poisons but have a weakness for fire damage because their naturally high elf blood content provides them with only half the protection from fire that they would normally receive. Combine this with an Altmer's lack of physical strength, Altmer are typically very frail compared to the other races of Tamriel, making it difficult for them to resist physical attacks without magical assistance.

Altmer considers themselves to be the most important race in Tamriel. Their natural abilities to use magic will prove useful should they find themselves trapped in another dangerous situation. Still, Altmers typically do not have the strength or constitution needed to recommend Altmers stay clear of danger and let their magical skills win battles for them instead. This over-confidence has lead Altmer into several conflicts with other races many of which ended in disaster for Altmer.


Altmer is one of the key members of Elder Scrolls society, having formed great civilizations on multiple continents throughout Tamriel. With strong intelligence, wisdom and experience, Altmers are often expected by other races to help lead negotiations between various groups towards developing a greater cause. On rare occasions, Altmer are known for prophesizing the future by way of dreams or visions.

The Altmers are not without their mortal enemies, these being the minotaurs. Altmer have been at war with minotaurs for centuries resulting in Altmers having several strong hatreds towards minotaurs and their culture due to Altmer casualties suffered during those conflicts. Most Altmers see those who follow the prophet's ways as members of a cult and not as true believers, so Altmers typically do not interfere with the other races' religious affairs unless it is to hinder those who oppose them, such as undead and Daedra worshippers.

Currently, all Altmer that exist today reside on one continent, Tamriel, making up a small fraction of the total population, with Altmer being a member of most factions. Outside of Tamriel, Altmers are a fairly common sight in High Rock, Valenwood, and Cyrodiil with Altmer remaining scarce elsewhere.

Final Words

In most Elder Scrolls games, Altmer make up only one group within the various organizations. In Skyrim, however, Altmers have taken on a more versatile role, making them much more prominent as a whole even though they remain limited to one faction.

About The Elder Scrolls

Picture a huge open-world teeming with monsters, vampires, and demons. A fantasy land, with influences from real-world cultures, where you may do anything your mind wants. A game that has it all, is Elder Scrolls.

The Elder Scrolls series are one of the most popular action role-playing games in the world. The series of the game has sold altogether over 15 million copies and are popular among players of all genders and ages. The games are famous for their fascinating storyline and feature a wide variety of content - actual canons, battling in wars, breathtaking settings, and saving the world from infamous villains. At every turn, there's a new adventure waiting for you.

In the Elder Scrolls games, there is no single narrative. The games are usually serious in spirit and vast in scope, engaging in themes of a great battle against a supernatural or malevolent power. Each game is independent of others, yet each has a tale that may influence the entire continent. The land where all of the games take place is Tamriel. The relics that tell the tale of Tamriel's past, present, and future are Elder Scrolls themselves. They can be seen from time to time during the games.

Tamriel is split into many areas, each of which is often controlled by a particular race, though most races can thrive together in just about any continent. Each region has its own specific climate. Once, the regions were unified under a single monarch, the Tiber Septim the Dragonborn.

It's easy to get carried away in the tales taking place in the world of Elder Scrolls. One might suddenly feel as if they're a part of them in some manner. By taking on the role of a character, regardless of our chosen race, we are able to live through those tales firsthand.

Regardless of how you like to play, you can easily choose a class for your playstyle. In the fantasy world of Elder Scrolls exists a large variety of races. Some are typical fantasy creatures like orcs and dragons, but some are more unusual - such as reptilian-looking humans, Argonians, or cat-folk Khajiit. The game makes extensive use of magic, magical objects, and dungeons.

In the Elder Scrolls series, each player must truly embody the role they are playing. After choosing a race, naming their character may be one of the most important decisions a player must make in terms of how they wish to portray themselves.

Despite the fact that The Elder Scrolls narrative is an endless river of madness, the madness is all very straightforward, particularly when it comes to character names.

Many races in the series follow pre-determined name standards. For example, the typical Orc names are something like Borgakh gra-Gatuk or Borkul gro-Gilgar. The difference between those names is the gendered prefixes to the last name. The prefix ''gra'' means ''daughter of'' and ''gro'' means ''son of'', whoever the last name had previously belonged to. This means that the Orc called Borgakh gra-Gatuk is a female, and Borkul gro-Gilgar is a male Orc. So, the traditional Orc names are formed by choosing a first and last name, adding the suitable prefix in the middle. In this regard, we have gone out of our way to gather knowledge about Elder Scrolls naming conventions. Remember, that name choosing should not be taken lightly since it follows you through endless encounters and adventures. Our goal is to help players out when choosing the right Elder Scrolls names gets too complicated or overpowering.