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About Brass Dragon

Brass Dragon

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, a brass dragon is a type of dragon that has been around for centuries. These dragons are usually good-natured and have an affinity with earth magics.

A brass dragon is a type of dragon with an affinity with earth magics and who has been around for centuries. They are usually good-natured and tend to see their enemies as an amusement. They were obsessed with talking to the exclusion of all else. They enjoyed engaging both friends and adversaries in hours of long-winded talk. A brass dragon was not uncommon to be proficient in several hundred languages, but they preferred to communicate in Draconic whenever feasible.

The wings were the longest at the shoulder and gradually shortened towards the tail. Heat and light were seen to be emitted by the scales. Brass dragons, as the name implies, possessed scales that were brass in colour. Their scales were dark brown while they were young, but as they aged, they grew brighter and more brass-like in appearance. The head was one-of-a-kind, with a massive, curving plate extending from the dragon's eyes and cheeks on either side and curling upwards into two points. They had two pointed horns on the chin that got progressively sharp as the dragon age. The eyes of a brass dragon were brilliant, blazing golden with an iron-grey slit pupil.

The nonviolence of brass dragons was well-known. They seldom fought in the war and liked to converse rather than fight. If a creature made them nervous, they would utilize their sleeping gas to calm it down. A younger brass dragon would have most likely flown away and buried in the sand if faced with actual danger. It would have battled only as a last option, utilizing its fire breath only when it was in a better position. Older brass dragons tended to avoid confrontation, but they might battle if they had a tactical edge. Brass dragons had two unique breath weapons. The first was a thin line of fire, and the second was a cone of sleep gas.

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