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About Green Dragon

Green Dragon

The first word that strikes the mind when someone mentions dragons is evil and furious. Green dragons from Dungeons and Dragons signify the idea of wicked just right.

Coming from the race of chromatics, green dragons are tend to interfere with human communities falling in their close proximity. In fact, some may also force them into obedience by inflicting fear.

An evil-natured species, green dragons like to fight with their huge claws and jaws, along with using their breath weapons. They release a cone of toxic chlorine gas, while some experiment and play with political and materialistic interests.

The most common areas dwelled by green dragons include steamy jungles, cold forests, places with thick vegetation, and some non-forest areas. They prefer living amidst large trees, but may choose to settle in hills or valleys if they fail to find suitable forest or woodland. They make their lairs in cliffsides and forested hills, while also making their homes in the hollows and trunks of large trees.

Green dragons flaunt different shades of green on their scales which makes them camouflage themselves with the environment and foliage. Their scales can turn mossy, tarnished or even scarred at times, while their large, waving crest that stretches from their nose to the whole body makes them stand out. They use their nose spike to push branches and foliage out of their way, while the crown of horns on their head prevents the already-pushed obstacles from coming back into the dragon's face. Their tongues are slender, very long and forked in shape.

Loving secrets and intrigue, green dragons are known for their evil behaviour and bad temper. They use deceit and act diplomatic around stronger enemies, while their cruel side only comes out when they are dealing with less powerful beings. They use their territories to gain as much power as possible but without putting much effort.

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