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Once at the center of the Astral Sea was a miraculous spectacle of power known as the Living Gate. This was a doorway to the Far Realm, the origin of horrid creatures such as the Mind Flare, though this door was not welcoming. And while the bloody Dawn War took place, the Living Gate was obliterated, allowing the dark creates of the Far Realm to ooze and crept their way into our reality. At the very destruction of the Living Gate, its precious pieces were smashed and sent hurtling through the multiverse. These pieces, filled with the powerful psionic energy from the Living Gate, began to come together in fragments and create themselves into humanoid figures. Thus came to be, the Shardminds.

These highly unique D&D characters are a whole other race on their own, with an origin story like that this character presents a completely different D&D experience between character and player. The Shardminds are filled with intelligence, and with a high potential of charisma and attentiveness because they are beings just entering the world with no prior instincts. Listed below are further details on the Shardmind to get you started on your potential character.

As we covered above, the Shardmind is unique in its origin story as it is literally a creation of intelligent pieced together shards of a once-powerful gate. Therefore, it stands alone as its own race: the Shardminds.

This psionic being has quite a few compelling abilities that set them apart. With the exception of a long rest in order to completely restore their hit points, these creatures do not require sleep, food, water, or air to function since they are an embodiment of the psychic intelligent pieces of the Living Gate. With that being said, here are the other strengths and features of the Shardminds.

Shardswarm - Small fragmented pieces bust off of the Shardmind and swarm every living creature within 5 ft. If the creature fails to beat a DC 15 Dexterity roll it will face the consequences of being swarmed and affected until the end of the Shardmind's next turn. Attack rolls also have an advantage when up against a swarmed creature, and once the swarm is gone the Shardmind has the ability to teleport up to 10 ft.

Telepath Ability - The Shardmind has the ability to telepathically communicate with any creature that has a language within 25 ft.

Psychic Resistance - At level 1 the Shardmind has a psychic resistance of 5, at level 11 this turns into a resistance of 10, and at level 21 it becomes 15.

As we can recall in their origin story, the Shardminds are spread out across the multiverse but they all began as crystals clustered together in structured union of the Living Gate.

Glistening crystal fragments molded into a humanoid form and laced with a history so darkly intense, it is surging with psionic energy and intelligence beyond compare. The Shardminds are medium in size, though they can be anywhere from 5-9 ft and 180-230 in weight. Their crystalized colors vary from green, white, red, and amber. A light lives and energizes inside of them, ignited by the psionic energy, and in the place where eyes would be are circular glows of light.

The Shardmind comes with 3 different language fluencies, these are Common, Deep Speech, and another language of your choice.

Now that the Shardminds are reformed into their own humanoid beings, what will become of them? Will the core of their purpose and origin drive them to assemble and bring together the once-mighty Living Gate and bring forth a banishment of the Far Realm creatures, or will they seek out new experiences, wonder, and challenges in this freshly new world; the choice is up to you.

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