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A frightening blend of two different species in terms of their looks, grungs are all about magical poison that makes Dungeons and Dragons even more interesting.

Grungs belong to the amphibious humanoids race and are frog-like poisonous beings found in marsh forests and swamps. Their skin color determines their caste in their society.

The chief feature of the species is a continuous secretion of a poisonous, sticky substance that they themselves are immune to. Grungs continuously secreted a poisonous substance that was harmless to them. They also coat their weapons with this toxic substance for added protection. However, this poison breaks down within minutes on exposure to air, which makes it hard to transfer it into a bottle for storage. Even the saliva of this species has the same venom will less potency. The venom secreted by green grungs hampers movement, while the blue grung venom makes their prey yelp unwillingly. The red grung's venom makes their enemy hungry, purple's venom drives victims to search for water, orange's poison leads to irrational fears of a creature's friends, and lastly, gold grungs' venom charms their victim and makes them able of speaking grung language.

Grung settlements are common around the ruins of Omu, the village Dungrunglung, Chult, and around the River Tiryki. They live in jungles and tropical swamps or forests, preferably, in shady spots close to water. Their settlements on land look like ramshackle hidden within dead giant trees. They hang the bodies of their foes in their territories to warn others.

The males are smaller than females, with an average height of 3 feet for the adults. They look like small humanoids with strong legs and webbed feet similar to a frog, while the torso and head have a more humanoid form. Grungs stand upright and move in quick, short jumps.

While giant snakes can easily hunt grungs, it's almost impossible for other species to hunt them due to their toxic skin. The tribes of this species practices slavery and are always looking for new beings to enslave. They poison the food of their slaves to make them lethargic and usually hold them in crude pits concealed with wooden bars.

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