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About Mind Flayer

Mind Flayer

Illithids, otherwise known as "mind flayers", are humanoid aberrations that for millennia have instilled fear into creatures across many worlds in the multiverse, mostly due to their appearance and psionic or "mind magic" abilities. They feature tentacled mouths with which they suck out and eat the brains of other humanoid creatures.

Illithids mostly settle in dimmed subterranean areas and organize in groups of around 2,000 individuals at most. Each group has a central elder brain, who requires unquestionable obedience from the rest of the members, who in turn can own slaves or thralls.

They have the ability to channel their psionic skills to craft custom magic items, which only they could carry and equip. One such item is the survival mantle, which enables the wearer to breathe in a vacuum, or psionic seals which grant additional abilities when equipped. Conversely. due to the overuse of psionic energy reserves, mind flayers are susceptible to develop mental and physical illnesses such as psionic cascade, which causes the flayer to trigger random psionic powers to its detriment, and psychic flareback, a backfire that may permanently thwart the illithid's mind magic power. They are likewise very sensitive to light, perhaps owing to their alien anatomy features that focus light in a different way than most sentient creatures in the material plane.

As for their appearance, they have the same height standards as humans (ranging from 5'4 to 6'3 approximately) and are, for the most part, slim. Their head is similar to an octopus, with four tentacles located around the mouth area that could reach up to 4 feet in length. Their hands have three narrow fingers and a thumb attached, and two toes on their feet.

Their origin is not clearly established. Fragments of ancient texts such as the Sargonne Prophecies hinted at the possibility that they might have originated in the Far Realm (a plane of existence far off the edge of time). According to the Astromundi Chronicles, they despised their creators with such intensity that they decided to erase them from existence and history itself, although this theory is hotly disputed amongst scholars. Even elder brains today have no recollection of the race's origin.

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