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The yuan-ti are snake people in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. They can be found in many different parts of the world, but their origins are unknown. Yuan-ti often worship gods like Dendar and Sseth, who grant them powers that improve their combat abilities. There is much to learn about these evil creatures!

Yuan-ti are sentient humanoids with snake features, such as tails and scales. They have a chaotic evil alignment most of the time. In specific game settings, the yuan-ti are descended from wicked human cultists who crossed their bloodlines with serpent bloodlines. They have mighty psychic powers. Yuan-ti have their language and can also communicate in Common, Draconic, and Abyssal. The yuan-ti are divided into many castes or breeds. The three most common, as detailed in the Monster Manual Third Edition, are as follows:

1) Purebloods resemble humans, with slight reptile characteristics such as slitted eyes, a forked tongue, or scale patches on their skin. They act as ambassadors and infiltrators while posing as humans.

2) Halfbloods are humanoid in appearance but have a broad range of visible serpentine characteristics. These include a snakelike tail instead of legs, a complete covering of scales, a cobra-like hood, a snake's head, or snakes in place of limbs. Halfbloods work as soldiers and temple aides. They are also known as Malisons.

3) Abominations resemble snakes nearly entirely, with just a few human characteristics such as limbs or a humanoid head. They are the most revered members of yuan-ti society, acting as clergy and other positions of influence.

The yuan-ti loved to live in tropical forests. Yuan-ti are also known as vrael olo (which means "favoured ones"). The shorter "vrael" is often used in everyday speech. Still, it can also be changed to "auvrael" (indicating friendly or well-known yuan-ti) and "duthrael" (unfriendly or unfamiliar yuan-ti). The greater a yuan-rank ti's in yuan-ti society, the more winding characteristics it exhibits. Abominations rule their civilization, followed by half-bloods and then purebloods. Yuan-ti are ranked among their subraces based on their achievements and shown favour with Sseth.

During the battle, the yuan-ti used their superior intelligence to create traps and effectively use their environment. They preferred ambushes over frontal strikes. They sent their least valued members ahead first in groups, which meant that purebloods progressed before half-bloods, who advanced before abominations. Yuan-ti was a fan of bladed weaponry. Slow-acting poisons were employed in their complex traps but not on their swords. Yuan-Ti Purebloods are insanely powerful, with far more power than most other races. Yuan-ti abominations, on the other hand, have a high level of intelligence. They will issue orders to their teammates, instructing them on which places to assault or defend and which opponents to prioritize. Because all yuan-ti are magically resistant, they will not prioritize spellcasters as other intelligent foes would.

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