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List of names and a name generator for the Dungeons and Dragons character Duergar.

Duergar Names

Karrielle Doomlord
Brytwyn Knifetamer
Bermand Blindchewer
Bhalrum Darkpride
Lasmura Barrenminder
Galgrom Wickedhorn
Bramkom Stonefeast
Reynmera Boldhold

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About Duergar


Duergars, also known as underdwarves or gray dwarves, are a subrace of dwarves that dwell in the region called the Underdark. Their settlements can be commonly found around volcanos. According to archmage Mordenkainen, their fortresses are some of the most impregnable in the whole Underdark, and one day they might conquer the whole realm. They were held captives by mind flayers or illithids for generations until they were able to earn their freedom in -3717 DR to settle beneath the Great Glacier. Their alignment is lawful evil and they have an average lifespan of 350 years.

Their appearance is that of a humanoid dwarf, sporting ash-gray skin to blend perfectly with their surroundings. They're fairly short, reaching roughly an average height of 130 cm, while the average weight ranges approximately from 84 to 144 lb. Both males and females are completely bald, while males can grow sizable beards. With regards to personality, they are extremely cynical and wary of other creatures, and they are outrageously resentful, swearing vengeance on their own dwarven kin for holding them back. This resentment eventually shaped their personality as a whole, turning them into overall cruel creatures with a nihilistic worldview who basically enjoy causing pain to others.

Their darkvision, which they developed after eons in the Underdark, allows them to see farther than regular dwarves, though they're unable to withstand sunlight. In terms of defensive abilities, they are highly resistant to magic spells and charms (owing to their captivity period under mind flayers), as well as physical damage. They can also become invisible or blend with the rocky environment whenever they sense imminent danger or they need to spy on enemies that approach their territory. One of their most powerful offensive abilities involves the use of a magical power they absorbed for generations during their imprisonment, which turns them into ogre-sized fighters for short periods.

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