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About Githyanki


In the current 5th Edition D&D lore, both githyanki and githzerai started out as a race of humanoids enslaved by mind flayers. When these gith escaped from the clutches of the evil illithids, they split into two factions: the githzerai, who believed in study and enlightenment, and the githyanki, who believed in war and plunder.

Githyanki belong to the gith race. It's possible to make an argument that githyanki and githzerai are subraces of the larger gith race, but it might be more accurate to consider both separate races entirely. Githyanki PCs can take any class and do quite well as both spellcasting and martial classes. Without modifying their starting attribute bonuses, they're very good bladesingers, eldritch knights, wizards, rangers, and fighters. NPC githyanki tend to play like bladesingers or eldritch knights, with powerful spells and a masterful control of melee combat.

As PCs, githyanki are often powerful warriors with access to psionic abilities. They gain access to spells like misty step, jump, and mage hand through their psionic proficiency. They also gain proficiency with armor and swords and a bonus language. Thanks to the attribute rules in Tasha's, this makes them excellent spellcasters.

Githyanki NPCs are usually powerful warriors with an array of psionic abilities. They usually wear sturdy armor, making them difficult to hit, and use silver swords that are especially dangerous on the astral plane. These swords can cut the connection of a person and their body, killing them outright. Their psionic powers are not to be underestimated, as these give githyanki NPCs access to spells like Bigby's hand, plane shift, and fireball.

Githyanki (and their brethren, the githzerai) have an affinity to the Astral Plane. In many settings, githyanki wander the multiverse on astral ships, raiding their enemies and collecting plunder. Githyanki player characters might be former members of defeated ships, children of raiders, or even retired warriors who happen to settle down on the material plane. NPCs might be active raiders, ship captains, battle commanders, or even peace-loving dissidents who have seen too much of the gith's endless war.

Githyanki are tall, thin humanoids with coarse yellow skin and dark eyes. They have long, pointy skulls and small, flat noses that rest high on their faces. Their ears are pointy, with serrated back edges, and their sharp teeth serve as a warning to any who cross their paths.

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